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Adobe Express for Android

  1. Adobe Express User Guide
  2. Introduction
    1. Adobe Express overview
    2. What's new in Adobe Express
    3. Feature summary for Adobe Express
    4. Adobe Express system requirements
    5. Adobe Express keyboard shortcuts
    6. Add Adobe Express extension for Google Chrome
    7. Adobe Express FAQ
    8. Known issues in Adobe Express
    9. Adobe Express free trial FAQ
  3. Create and edit graphics, photos, and videos
    1. Generate an image from text using generative AI
    2. Generate text effects using generative AI
    3. Work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator creative assets
    4. Import and enhance PDFs in Adobe Express
    5. Getting started with Adobe Express templates
    6. Create a new template from scratch
    7. Create a web page using Adobe Express
    8. Add multiple pages in Adobe Express
    9. Create a video using Adobe Express
    10. Find and submit Adobe Stock Content ID
    11. Animate texts and photos using Adobe Express
    12. Import color themes from Adobe Color
  4. Create and manage brands
    1. Create a brand in Adobe Express
    2. Manage shared brands in Adobe Express
    3. Add Custom fonts in Adobe Express
  5. Content Scheduler
    1. Content Scheduler overview
    2. Connect social media accounts
    3. Schedule and publish social media posts
    4. Media specifications for social media posts
  6. Quick Actions
    1. Resize image using Quick Actions
    2. Remove background from images using Quick Actions
    3. Convert file format of images using Quick Actions
    4. Crop an image using Quick Actions
    5. Animate a character from audio
    6. Trim videos using Quick Actions
    7. Resize a video using Quick Actions
    8. Convert to GIF from a video using Quick Actions
    9. Convert videos to MP4 using Quick Actions
    10. Crop a video using Quick Actions
    11. Merge videos and images using Quick Actions
    12. Convert to or from PDF using Quick Actions
    13. Edit PDF text and images using Quick Actions
    14. Combine files into a single PDF using Quick Actions
    15. Organize Pages into a single PDF using Quick Actions
    16. Generate QR code using Quick Actions
    17. Quick Actions FAQ
  7. Publish and share
    1. Collaborate and comment in Adobe Express
    2. Host a project using Adobe Express
    3. Create and share Creative Cloud Libraries
    4. Copy files between accounts
    5. Privacy and permissions
  8. Adobe Express on mobile
    1. Adobe Express for iOS
    2. Disabling of remixable links in Adobe Express FAQ
    3. Adobe Express for Android
    4. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on iOS
    5. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on Android
    6. Manage Adobe Express subscriptions on Samsung Galaxy Store
  9. Adobe Express for Education
    1. Adobe Express for Education FAQ
    2. Adobe Express for Education Teachers FAQ
    3. Adobe Express for Education Students FAQ

Learn how to sign in and work with Adobe Express to create your own custom designs on Android.

In this article, you will learn how to use both the free and premium features in Adobe Express to create your designs and seamlessly share across social media and more.

Sign in

Don’t have Adobe Express for mobile? Go to the Google play store to download the Adobe Express app.

Get started with Adobe Express

  1. On your Android device, tap the Adobe Express app icon.
  2. Sign in with your Adobe ID, Apple ID, Facebook, or Google account.
  3. Once you've signed in, you can begin to create, import, edit, and share your graphics, photos, and videos.


Get to know the workspace

  • Free photos
  • Gallery
  • Libraries
  • Backgrounds
  • Solid color

Free photos - Find free stock photos within Adobe Express

Gallery - Access your personal photo gallery.

Libraries - Go to your Creative Cloud library to drag assets that have been synced on other devices into your workspace.

Backgrounds - Search for a pre-designed background. You can select more than one background at a time to add into your project.

Solid color - Pick a solid color to use as a background.

Create designs and collages

Get started creating your own custom designs in a few easy steps.

  1. Open Adobe Express. Click the + icon. 


  2. Pick your preferred design option from your workspace menu. Click Add. 


  3. Select a custom size for your project or a preselected size that’s designed to fit social media, print media, blog posts, and more. 


  4. Create your project. 


    • Colors - Pick a custom color scheme or select an app-suggested color palette.
    • Animation - Animate your text and your background.
    • Layout - Select layout and collage structure, border width, and explore pre-selected design themes.
    • Brand - Quickly import your brand assets in one tap.
    • Resize - Change the custom size for your project or select a different preselected size option.
  5. Add multiple pages to your project

    •  Add - Create a new page in your project. 
    •  Duplicate - Replicate your design onto a new page. 
    •  Trash - Delete a page.
  6. Edit your project.


    • Text - Add new text and customize the font, color, opacity, and more.
    • Design assets - Add more design assets into your project.
    • Images - Here you can access your: Libraries, Patterns, Photo library, Files, Camera, Free photos, Adobe Stock, Lightroom.
    • Icons - Search and add pre-designed icons.
    • Backgrounds - Search and add a pre-designed background.
    • Logos - Access your logo or add a new logo from libraries or your personal photo library.

Your Projects

In the right bottom corner, select Your Projects. You can view your current and past projects here.


  1. Select an individual thumbnail to fully open your project.

  2. In this view, you can delete, edit, duplicate, and by tapping the More (...) icon, you can rename your project

  3. The bottom menu allows you to quickly share your work to social media, and by selecting the More (...) icon, you can share it directly to your contacts or another preferred app.

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