Feature summary | Adobe Fresco (June 2022 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the June 2022 release of Fresco (version 3.7).

Auto extract color palettes from imported images

When you import any image in Fresco, a color palette is automatically created for you with the same set of colors present in the image.

To learn more about creating harmonious color palettes from imported images, see Create Color Palettes.

Touch up your designs with the Liquify tool

The Liquify tool in Fresco can be used to make minor adjustments or transform your designs. It can also be used to push and pull the pixels of an object without loss of quality on all iPads or Windows devices.

Transform the girl's appearance or the background with the Liquify tool.
Transform the girl's appearance or the background with the Liquify tool.

To learn more about touching up your designs, see Liquify tool.

Modify color dynamics for pixel brushes

Color dynamics for pixel brushes provide you with more precise control over your paint colors while drawing a stroke.

To learn more about expanding brushing possibilities with new color dynamics, see Pixel brushes.

Enhanced precision and speed with improved sliders

Work on any design or artwork with improved speed and accuracy using the improved sliders in Fresco.

To learn more about improving accuracy with sliders, see Get started with the user interface.

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