macOS Sierra 10.12.4 stops responding

macOS Sierra 10.12.4 stops responding when you're using Illustrator CC 2017 or InDesign CC 2017 (April 2017 release) with the GPU enabled.

Solution: Upgrade to the latest version of macOS

Install the most recent versions of Adobe Creative Cloud applications after upgrading to the latest version of macOS Sierra 10.12.5. For more information, see Get software updates for your mac.

Workaround: Disable the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

To avoid this issue while you're working on macOS 10.12.4, disable the GPU from within the application.

  1. Launch Illustrator.

  2. Choose Edit > Preferences > Performance (Windows) or Illustrator > Preferences > Performance (macOS).

  3. Deselect GPU Performance.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Quit and relaunch Illustrator.

Illustrator crashes at launch after Mavericks upgrade

After you upgrade to OS X Mavericks 10.9, Illustrator crashes when you attempt to launch it.


  1. In the Finder, browse to the folder that contains Illustrator plug-ins.

  2. Move all third-party plug-ins to a different folder.

  3. (Important) Press and hold Command + Option + Shift, launch Illustrator, and keep the keys pressed until Illustrator launches. This step clears all Illustrator preferences.


    It's necessary to press the keyboard combination (Command + Option + Shift) in the same order as mentioned above.

  4. (Optional) If you require your third-party plug-ins when you use Illustrator, try adding one plug-in at a time. Each time you add a plug-in, ensure that you follow step 3 to start Illustrator.

Additional information

Third-party plug-ins that are not compatible with Mavericks can cause Illustrator to crash at launch.

Illustrator crashes at launch when Suitcase Fusion 5 is installed

Illustrator CC 2014 (October 2014 release, version 2014.1) crashes when Extensis Suitcase Fusion 5 is installed.


Update the Extensis Suitcase Fusion 5 to most recent version.

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