Feature summary | Illustrator (March 2020 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the March 2020 release of Illustrator (version 24.1 (macOS) and 24.1.1 (Windows)).

Real-time drawing and editing

Real-time drawing

Now, scaling of objects and application of effects on objects are not displayed as outlines, instead these tasks will fully render as you work.

Cut, copy, paste artboards

Cut and copy artboards

Use Cut, Copy, and Paste options to create multiple copies of artboards across different documents.

Free distort

Enhanced free distort

Free Distort now lets you modify shapes freely through a bounding box, without any resetting.

Preference and document issues

Reduced document corruption issues

Illustrator will now automatically repair and recover the damaged documents, when possible.

Toolbar improvements

Improved toolbar

Dragging and dropping of tools between the toolbar and the drawer is now easy.

Stability and performance

Better stability performance, and smoother workflows.

Real-time drawing and editing

With this feature, the object scaling and the effect application on objects are no longer displayed as outlines. Now, these tasks are fully rendered as you work.

Set the following preference to enable this feature:

  • [Windows] Choose Edit > Preferences > Performance > Real-Time Drawing and Editing.
  • [macOS] Choose Illustrator > Preferences > Performance > Real-Time Drawing and Editing.
Real-time drawing and editing

For more details, see Real-time drawing and editing.

Cut, copy, and paste artboards between documents

You can now copy and paste entire artboards between different open documents . Choose one of the following options:

  • Drag and drop artboards between two open documents.
  • Use Cut, Copy, and Paste options in the Edit menu.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts.
Cut, copy, paste artboards

For more details, see Copy and move artboards.

Enhanced free distort

Free distort lets you modify shapes freely through a bounding box. Now, the box is easier to work with and lets you seamlessly edit the object without any resetting.

free distort

In-app troubleshooting support

This release will provide you better troubleshooting support for any issues related to damaged files and preferences.

For more details:

Improved toolbar

You will have a more intuitive experience when you directly drag and drop tools between the toolbar and the drawer. 

Stability and performance

We aim to provide you a stable and a better product every release.

This release brings to you an improved application performance, better stability, and smoother workflows. 

For more details, visit Fixed issues.

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