Select and edit master page items on select document pages.

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What you learned: How to override master page items on document pages

When a master page is applied to a document page, the master page items can’t be selected on the document page, by default. This is good for consistency from page to page, but bad if you need to remove or modify one of the master page items on a specific document page. You can select master items on a document page by overriding master items.

Override all master page items

  1. Select one or more document page thumbnails in the Pages panel (Window > Pages).
  2. Click the menu icon in the upper-right corner of the Pages panel, and choose Override All Master Page Items.
  3. All the master page items on the selected pages have been overridden. Click the elements to select and delete, move, or modify them.

Override specific master page items

  • With a document page showing in the document window, press the Command+Shift keys (macOS) or Ctrl+Shift keys (Windows) and click on a master page item on the document page. This selects the master page item on the document page, so it can be deleted, moved, or modified.

Restore master page items

  • If you’ve overridden some master page items on a document page, and you want to restore the master page items back to the way they were, drag a master page thumbnail onto a document page thumbnail in the Pages panel.


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