Understanding Segments Report in Adobe Advertising Cloud


This article has been authored and contributed by Rahul Bhatia, Advertising Cloud Consultant at Adobe.


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Segments reports are the reports which are used to find the total unique audience available out of a page or trait where a particular segment pixel is placed. These segments are generally used to re-target the audiences in display and social campaigns.

Segment reports can be found in Report >> Custom Reports >> Segments Report

After downloading a default or RAW segment report here is the information you will get:

Segment ID: A unique identification for a particular segment or a 3rd party audience from an integrated DMP

Reported User ID: Client ID of the Advertising Cloud account or DMP ID

Segment Name: Name of the retargeting segment created in Advertising Cloud or a 3rd party audience available through integrated DMP. In the report it also provides the customers 3rd party audience data with more than 30,000 data attributes including intent, B2B, past purchases, geo/demo, interest, lifestyle, branded and qualified demographics from more than 200 data providers.

So as a best practice you can create your own unique segments using the Include and Exclude functionality of Advertising Cloud segments creation.


Segment Path: This only applies to the 3rd party data where sub-segments are applicable.

CPM: This also applies to the 3rd party data where you can choose best CPM pricing available.

Total Segment Load: The total audience/user data available for a particular segment.

Total Unique Visitors: Unique visitors in a particular date range for a particular segment.

For example, we can analyze all our retargeting 1st party audience data by creating these types of reports weekly and check for any discrepancies:


With Segment reporting we have a more unified view and a much sharper customer view around the display audience being currently targeted via Advertising Cloud. These are several other advantages of using segments reports in Advertising Cloud:

  • To gain a 360-degree view of the available audiences to target in display campaigns including first party, 2nd part and 3rd part data sources.
  • To combine and complement greater data governance policy of any organization.
  • To target audiences, you have bought using their behaviors, preferences, values and other personal criteria.
  • To plan and make better ad strategies in the display campaigns for achieving maximum out of your advertising dollars.