Issue: No content in output after publishing locally as SWF file

Error message

Error message does not appear. The preloader keeps spinning as shown in the following screenshot: 


This issue normally occurs on the computer when the browser blocks SWF file content. To resolve the issue, you can set up Flash Global Security to trust the locally published folder location.


Check whether Flash Player is downloaded and installed on your computer. 

For more information, see

To add the SWF file output folder location as a trusted location in Flash Security Settings, perform the following steps: 

  1. Right-click on the SWF file content in the output page. A pop-up menu appears. 

  2. Click Settings on the pop-up menu. A Global Security Settings panel page appears. 

  3. Click Edit locations drop-down and choose Add location.

  4. In Trust this location text field, enter the location of the folder that contains your SWF file output. 

  5. Click Confirm

Try to open the SWF file content from the locally published output folder again and check if it works.