How to insert a watermark in a RoboHelp project

Inserting a watermark

Use these steps to insert a watermark or resolve the issue of watermark not repeating in a project:

  1. In the RoboHelp HTML menu, choose Format > Style Sheets.

  2. In the Style Type drop-down box, select Document.

  3. In the Style box, highlight or select the Body style.

  4. Click Edit and select the Background tab.


    Make sure that you have selected <Undefined> in the Background Color drop-down box.

  5. Click the ... button at the end of the Background Image drop-down box and select the image you want to use for the watermark.

  6. Select the Repeat, Attachment, Background, Horizontal, and Vertical Positions attributes for the watermark.

    Repeat: Determines how a background image is repeated. You can specify to repeat the image both horizontally and vertically.

    Attachment: Specifies if the image scrolls with the content or if it is fixed (like a watermark).

    Background Position: Defines the initial position of a background image.

    Horizontal Position: Determines the horizontal position for the image, which you can set to left, center, or right.

    Vertical Position: Determines the vertical position for the image, which you can set to top, center, or bottom.

  7. Click OK.

  8. From the RoboHelp HTML menu, choose View > Pane > Project.

  9. In the RoboHelp HTML Project pane, right-click the Baggage Files folder and select New Baggage File.

  10. Browse to and select the same image you selected in step 5.

  11. Save and close the project.

  12. In a text editor, open the style sheet you added to this watermark image.  

  13. In the text editor, search for the text background-repeat : none; and replace it with background-repeat : no-repeat;

  14. From the RoboHelp HTML menu, choose File and select your last-opened project. Your project is listed as the first item at the bottom of the File menu.


    The WYSIWYG editor might show a repeating background despite you having a non-repeating background in the style sheet. Your watermark appears correctly in your primary target. If you make changes to this style sheet's background, you have to follow steps 11 and 12 again. These issues have been resolved in RoboHelp HTML version 9.


    In Internet Explorer, if your users have enabled the Accessibility options Ignore Colors Specified on Web pages or Format Documents Using Style Sheet, no background colors or images appear when they view your Help system. Turn off these options for the watermark to appear in your Help system.  

  15. Compile your project's primary target and test the watermark.


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