Add users to your account

Adobe Sign for business or enterprise allows for multiple users to be in the same account. An account can have as many active users in the account as they have seats. (For example, a ten-seat account can have up to ten active users in the account.)

Quick steps

  1. As account admin, go to the Account page.
  2. Click Users. 
  3. Click Create New User.
  4. Enter the email address, first name, and last name of the individual.
  5. Choose a group to create user into (optional).
  6. Select the option to have all the user's agreements share to your account (optional).
  7. Click Save.


  1. As account admin, go to the Account page and click Users

  2. The message at the top tells you how many active users you currently have, and the maximum you can have in your account.

    If you have an available seat, you can add a user to your account.

    To add another user, click the plus sign in the upper-right corner.

    See how many active users there on the account.


    If you do not have an open seat, either purchase an additional users or deactivate an active user. Once a user is deactivated, a seat is freed up.

  3. In the Create New User dialog box, enter the email Address, First Name, and Last Name for the user.

    If necessary, specify which User Group to place them in from the drop-down list.

    • A new group can be created by selecting Create a new group for this user, and then supplying a group name

    Check View Their Agreements if you want to have the user's agreements shared with you.


    If you anticipate the need to collect telemetry on agreements as they are created and signed, it is strongly recommended that you leverage the View Their Agreements option when creating new userIDs.

    The process to establish an account share after the userID is created is relatively cumbersome, and requires agreement from the user.

    Once you've confirmed all the information is correct, click Save.

    2. Create User Gump


    A success message displays at the top of the window, and the new user is visible in the list of users.

    Successful add

    Users are added with one of several statuses

    • Active - Users that have set a valid password and can log into the Adobe Sign system
    • Unverified - Users with an active account, but with a new email address that hasn't been verified yet
    • Created - Users that exist, but have not yet set passwords, so can not log in
    • Pending - Users that exist because they have been party to a transaction, but have not been sent an email to set passwords.
    • Inactive - Users that are blocked from accessing Adobe Sign in every way



    If an error (like below) prompts instead of the success message, please refer to this article

    Error message

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