Adobe Sign training basics: How to send and sign

Adobe Sign Training 101—Basic functionality

The most basic transaction is sent to a single signer. Learn how to create a transaction, upload your document, and place fields in the drag-and-drop editing screen. 

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The Prefill by Sender stage allows the sender of the document to interact with fields before the document gets sent out for signature. Now that you know how to place fields, learn how to edit the field settings and set the Role value. The Role determines who can interact with that specific field.

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Sending a document to multiple signers can easily be accomplished by setting the Role values for your fields. Now that you know how to place fields and edit the field settings, learn how to set up your Roles to allow your multiple signers to all interact with the correct fields you have assigned to them.

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You can send a transaction to two different signers who both share an email address. We call this feature Husband & Wife Signing. It is important to make sure that you define the Roles correctly to ensure the correct signer signs in the correct location.

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If you are trying to send a document that only requires your signature and no-one else's, then you use the Only I Sign feature. Learn how to add fields that you can interact with and apply only your signature, then send your signed document to a recipient for them to view.

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Once you've sent your document, your recipient can interact with fields, and apply their Signature where you have specified. Learn how to sign a document that has been sent through Adobe Sign.

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