Adobe Sign: How to enforce the default field size for Signature and Initial fields

Enforce the default signature and initial field sizes, regardless as to how the fields have been placed on the page.

By default, signature and initial fields can be placed and configured to fit into a designated space. 

For most customers this is desirable as forms often have unpredictable formats, and getting one "standard" field to fit in all places isn't practical.

However, enterprise customers that want to enforce the default fields size for all signature and initial fields may do so by contacting their success manager and requesting that the resizing of signature fields be disabled.

Disabling the resize feature prevents new agreements and templates from allowing signature and initial fields from having their default field size changed in the drag and drop environment.   Text tag fields present differently depending on the size of the field that the tag defines:
  • If the text tag is smaller than the default field size, then the default field is rendered during authoring and signing
  • If the text tag is larger than the default size, the size defined by the tag is respected during authoring and signing, but the final signature graphic will only occupy the space of the default field size
    • The common anchor point is the botton-left corner of the tag/field


Other things to keep in mind...
  • This setting only applies to signature and initial fields
  • Making a change to this setting only impacts newly sent agreements.  Any agreement in-flight retains the setting value that was in place when the agreement was originally sent
  • Draft agreements haven't been sent yet, so they adopt the new setting value
  • Widgets and Library documents are templates, so they adopt the new setting value. Once an agreement is produced from the template, the value is fixed


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