Understand Transaction Consumption in your Adobe Acrobat Sign Account

This page is intended to help Adobe Acrobat Sign business and enterprise customers understand how Acrobat Sign Transactions are counted and billed against an entitlement. 

How Adobe defines Transactions

Transactions are defined in our Adobe Acrobat Sign PSLT and our Adobe Acrobat Sign Additional Terms. A Transaction is considered consumed (billable) when the service has been used to process a Transaction*.

Product use that contributes towards Transaction consumption:


User Action

Request Signatures

Preparing an Agreement and clicking “Send”

Get signature in person

In the mobile app, preparing an Agreement and clicking “Sign” while executing an in-person signature flow

Send in Bulk

Clicking “Send” after importing multiple recipients. Acrobat Sign Transactions are equal to the number of Agreements sent. An Agreement is sent to each recipient.


Clicking “Send” after importing multiple recipients. Acrobat Sign Transactions are equal to the number of Agreements sent (like Send in Bulk). GigaSign allows the Agreement to have multiple signers on one Agreement.

Web Form signing

When end-users fill in and submit a Web Form (regardless of verification status settings)

Custom Workflow use

When a custom workflow is used to generate an Agreement

Home Page transaction eligible

Get signatures in person


Third Party Integrations & Applications

The use of 3rd party integrations to send Transactions (like Salesforce, Workday, or Microsoft Teams) is counted in Transaction consumption in accordance with the details above. An agreement that is sent for signature is a billable Transaction regardless of whether the agreement was composed via the Acrobat Sign web application, a 3rd party application (like those for Salesforce, Workday, or Microsoft Teams), or a customer-specific application implemented using the Acrobat Sign API. Use of the Acrobat Sign API in a custom implementation and in these 3rd party integrations leverages the Send for Signature function of Acrobat Sign.


Product use that does not count as Transaction consumption against an entitlement:


User Action

Web Form creation

Creating a web form template

Custom Workflow creation

Creating a workflow template


Fill & Sign from within Acrobat Sign application and the Web UI

Adding a signature to a document where Sender is the only Signer

Fill & Sign for Acrobat offers if Sender is the only Signer


Uploading an external signed document into the Acrobat Sign ecosystem

Library Template creation

Creating a template for sending Agreements

Home page - non-transactions

Acrobat Sign Reports: Total Sent

Adobe Sign header

Acrobat Sign for business and enterprise service plans can currently run activity reports to see how many transactions have been processed through the Acrobat Sign Application. This metric is known as the Total Sent metric.

The Total Sent metric is a historic metric that has not been updated to account for changes in the Acrobat Sign service (e.g., additional features) nor to keep up with changes to the contractual definition of Transaction. Accordingly, it does not accurately measure billable Transaction consumption. This metric should not be relied upon to gauge usage and is being phased out.


In some cases, the Total Sent count may be the same as, higher or lower than, the Transaction consumption count. The Transaction consumption count is the source of truth for consumption.

Discrepancies between Total Sent and Transaction Consumption

Depending on how Acrobat Sign is used, there may be discrepancies between the Total Sent metric and the new Transaction consumption metric. The notable discrepancies are as follows:

  1. Use of Fill & Sign where the Sender is the only Signer is counted in the Total Sent metric; however -- it should not be counted as a billable Transaction and is not counted as a billable Transaction in the Transaction consumption metric.
  2. If web forms have verification enabled, the Total Sent metric only counts the Agreement as Sent once the form has been verified. Transaction consumption, on the other hand, accurately counts the Agreement as Sent once the form has been submitted, regardless of verification status.
    • Web form use and settings can change the Total Sent number from a lookback perspective. For example, if verification is enabled, the historical Total Sent count can increase when the snapshot is taken at different times, depending on when those web forms were verified. This is an issue that is resolved with the new Transaction consumption metric.


Consumption of Authentication Add-on Services:

Note that the use of the authentication add-on services (e.g., Knowledge Based AuthenticationPhone AuthenticationGovernment ID Authentication), as well as the use of the Notarize integration, are not included in any of the metrics discussed above. Consumption of these services can be viewed in the Send Settings of the Acrobat Sign application.

Consumption links in the Send Settings menu


This information may not apply to you if your contract has a different definition of Transaction.

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