Clickable links in message fields


Senders commonly use agreement message fields to provide recipients with basic instructions and support in the form of URLs to additional content and email addresses for support contacts.

Adobe Acrobat Sign manages message field content that conforms to a URL or email address format differently depending on the tier of service in which an agreement is created.

  • Individual and small business tiers of service explicitly suppress the creation of links in sender-provided messages for all email templates. Only plain text is presented.
  • Enterprise and business tiers of service permit the recipient’s browser to convert the sender-provided message text to active links in all email templates. Additionally, the message text viewable on an agreement's E-Signing and Manage page contains clickable links.
    • URL links open a new browser tab for the recipient when selected.
    • Email links open a new email using the local system's email client. The To: field is populated with the email address automatically.

How it works

Link formats that automatically convert:

  • Fully qualified URLs:
  • URLs containing the domain only:
  • URLs that include a path:
  • URLs with query and hash parameters:
  • Email addresses:

Senders can include URLs and email addresses in both the global agreement Message field and the Private message field:

Configured message fields

Email population

The email body displays the converted links in the style that the recipient's browser/email client dictates (not all browsers/clients will convert URLs to clickable links). Assuming the browser/client converts the links, selecting any link opens the target website in a new browser tab.

Email addresses open the email client on the local system with the email address pre-populated in the To: field.


URL conversion to links in email is natively handled by the recipient's browser or email client. It is not a feature of the Acrobat Sign email template.

Links in Email delivered to recipient
Example of email body for a client that converts URLs. (Highlights added)

Unconverted links in Email delivered to recipient
Example of email body for a client that does not convert URLs. (Highlights added)

Links in the message fields on the E-Sign page

When the recipient's e-signing page is opened, the Message and Private message can be displayed by selecting the message bubble on the right-hand side of the header rail:

Configured message fields on the e-sign page

Agreement view on the Manage page

When opening the viewing an agreement from the Manage page, the Message can be viewed at the top of the right rail. The Private message is displayed by mousing over the recipients near the bottom of the right rail.

Configured message fields


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