Fixed issues in Team Projects

This document lists the customer reported issues that were fixed in each release.

February 2022 release

  • Sequences are marked as edited after opening a Team Project for the first time.
  • On Mac, After Effects comp does not come online when replacing a Timeline asset with an After Effects comp, and Premiere Pro then becomes unresponsive.

October 2021 release

  • After loading a Team Project, the project is marked as edited although no change/edit was made.
  • Media locators are corrupted when lose/regain focus just after import during initial reflection in Premiere Pro.
  • Failed to resolve server app aliases on Mac.
  • 'Convert Project to Team project' not creating Team project when Adobe account switched.
  • After Effects Comps imported within Adobe Media Encoder will not render correctly.
  • Create new After Effects Comp in Team Projects launches After Effects, but it does not open the requested Team Project.
  • In Adobe Rush, media goes offline if computer loses and regains network connection while the project is open.
  • Edit Original for After Effects Comp in Team Projects launches After Effects, but it does not open the requested Team Project.
  • In After Effects, Open Team Project during "Replace with After Effects Composition" workflow fails due to unauthorized user.
  • Auto association of offline media files fail in Team Projects.
  • Impossible to open large customer project in Premiere Pro while showing "locating media..." progress dialog in preparation of locate media dialog for showing offline files in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Offline Proxy Media do not show up in Link Media Dialog for project loader.
  • On Win, sssert and crash after repeatingly modifying after effects comps.
  • Relink proxy media failed for a newly created proxy media within Team Project if proxy media goes offline.
  • While loading a project, Team Projects processing a sequence and crashing while trying to process the markers.
  • Show link locate dialog on launch when offline media is discovered.

July 2021 release

  • Project opening and media loading is slower in a Team Project compared to a local project.
  • The never ending RAM consumption occurs just by launching Premiere Pro without having any project open. The issue is ScanSyncDirectoryAsync and occurs when the Dropbox app is installed/enabled and the user's Dropbox storage contains complex folder structure.
  • Missing fonts dialog does not appear when Dynamic Bin Loading is enabled.
  • Attempting to create a new Team Project from autosave asserts in localhub then fail to create the new Team Project.

May 2021 release

  • [Multiple Sequence Enclosures] Improvements to Project Versioning for Team Projects.
  • Project version is stored in a new place preventing old Premier Pro versions from trying to load new projects.
  • The user cannot enter in metadata for some clips - including Markers.
  • Serializing Binary Sequence Enclosures.
  • NGL - Premiere Pro process is not terminated if you quit it with the internet disconnected.
  • On Mac, After Effects crashes when using the custom shortcut to create a new team project and the Input Language is set to Chinese.

April 2021 release

  • On Mac, After Effects crashes when Using the custom shortcut to create a new team project and the Input Language is Chinese.
  •  Premiere Pro process is not terminated if you quit Premiere Pro with the internet disconnected.
  • Unable to enter in metadata for some clips - including Markers.
  • [Multiple Sequence Enclosures] Improvements to Project Versioning for Team Projects.
  • Serializing Binary Sequence Enclosures.
  • Project Versioning for Team Projects.

March 2021 release

  • First and last name is missing from New Team Project dialog in the invitations tab.
  • Filter to 'Only show Team projects owned by me' in Manage Team projects dialog is not working.
  • locatorID - path shown in relink media progress panel.
  • Team Projects/Invitations broken in Premiere Pro.
  • 'People Graph service is unavailable' message often shown prematurely.
  • Cache XMP items are effectively only processed once per 100ms rather than in chunks and each got even processed multiple times.

February 2021 release

  • Confusing 'older client' message shown when editing a Team Project in Premiere Pro that was created in After Effects.
  • Unable to use Team Projects in disconnected mode.
  • When creating an after effect comp, all assets in the project are being marked as edited.
  • 'New Version Asset' message is erroneously shown when adding assets to a new Team Project.
  • Hang while attempting to import media from autosaves to a team project.
  • Severe performance issue converting a large project to Team Project.
  • Media going offline.
  • Search field flickers and keeps losing focus, erratic TPLH status icon when 2+ more Team Projects are open.
  • Save as Team Project leads to empty new Team Project if original Team Project's "Save" operation hadn't finished.

January 2021 release

  • When creating an After Effects comp, all assets in the project are being marked as edited.
  • Team Projects is unable to relink to the actual media used. This issue arises with MXF on Windows 10, Premiere Pro versions 2019 and 2020.
  • Opening customer project litters the log with MarkerMerge entries.
  • Crash when opening or getting latest updates in Project.
  • After converting a 25k asset project, sharing is failing.
  • Media imported from other project are registered with media finder very late.
  • Team Project taking a long time to search media when Dropbox account is linked.
  • EAPrMediaModule should be able to create media info that doesn’t need fixing.
  • Media is offline for growing files after closing/re-opening Team Project.
  • Search bins, when shared will be empty for collaborators.
  • The Search Bar in the Project Panel gets occasionally disabled for a long period of time.

December 2020 release

  • In Premiere Pro, closing a Team Project is very slow while Media Relinking is still being processed.
  • Premiere Rush allows a dirty project to be deleted from device even though the changes have not yet been synced to Creative Cloud.

November 2020 release

  • Crash when pushing or pulling fails.
  • Crash when SystemDb cannot be opened.
  • Premiere Pro hangs for collaborator if owner imports around 1k image files, share their changes, and collaborator select - Get Latest Changes
  • Team project Save As fails with error "The Team Project could not be synchronized due to a network error. Please try to open the Team Project again."
  • Crash in SyncJob::Finish at shutdown.
  • Auto-saving gets slower after an unusually slow auto-save is detected.
  • Team Project is taking over an hour to open.
  • If a user creates an account without filling in their public profile for their account, there will be notifications with variable names.

September 2020 release

  • On starting Premiere Rush, the projects from other accounts (linked to the same e-mail) are shown for a short time.
  • Team Projects crashes occasionally when getting latest changes.
  • Team Projects hangs when loading with multi-channel A/V clips with overridden frame rates.
  • On Mac, After Effects is taking a long time to open a team project when it has a Premiere Pro sequence, and it is offline.
  • Unable to sign in to Team Projects.
  • On Windows, Premiere Rush is freezing up while on the Creating Media screen.

July 2020 release

  • Crash in HubSyncDb::OpenSessionDatabase
  • Crash in GitBoxDb::OpenSessionDatabase
  • Omit XML boilerplate from hash calculation.
  • Edit Collaborators dialog erroneously displays message that 'People Graph service is unavailable'.
  • After switching into another T2E org, you cannot open up previously created team projects until you create a new team project.
  • Project listing between T2E orgs can list a combined list of projects of personal and business orgs.
  • UI_InstallTimer called with flipped parameters.

June 2020 release

  • Optimize usage of CPU cores for Reading Assets during project load.
  • Exporting tracking data from Mocha crashes After Effects Team Projects.
  •  Adding new media can unlink media and break project in After Effects Team Projects.
  • Multithreading serialization hash during Team Project load for improved load performance.
  • Moved relinking indicators - Progress Bar and Text Messages into Progress Panel.
  • Live Edit badges are unreliable and sluggish.
  • Fix for EAPr::AssetState Shutdown Crash (reporter bucket 5304035 in EAProjectBridge 14.1.0).

May 2020 release

  • Project Settings can show up incorrectly if you are running multiple projects in Team Projects.
  • After Effects Team Project does not open as read-only project in After Effects headless.
  • Team project created in one application can not be found from the Manage Team Projects dialog in another application.
  • Crash caused by modifying an unprotected mVolumeSearchRecords->mVolumes.
  • qe.ea.share("share") dom call completes even before sharing actually completes in UI.
  • Delay loading collaborators presence & asset status.
  • Copy and paste all clip track items from one large sequence to another sequence cause Premiere Pro to hang.
  • Unexpected conflict errors when sharing changes using DOM calls though executescript.
  • After Effects creates recovered objects during context switch between Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Thread soft limit reached (Crash reporter bucket 5094191 in EAClient).

April 2020 release

  • Shutdown crash in ProductionStateBase.
  • Shutdown crash in HostedLoginOperationManger.
  • Crashes while managing open team projects.
  • On Mac, unable to log into Team Project service on stage.
  • On Mac, adding a comp from a more complex team project causes Adobe Media Encoder to hang during the import process.
  • Cancelling the creation of new team project crashes Premiere Pro.
  • Cancel "New Premiere Pro Sequence..." for Team Project causes opening a "New Premiere Project" dialog afterwards.

March 2020 release

  • Team Project takes very long time to load.
  • Team Project edits cannot be saved. You can constantly get Reflection has not completed in an unusually long time error message.
  • Premiere Pro 13.1.5 crashes in Team Project after performing edits in the sequence timeline.
  • Media Browse only lists team projects created in the same application.
  • Unable to see app specific Team Project in Adobe Media Encoder's media browser.
  • Team Project changes are not received on some desktop machines.
  • In the media browser with the flag on or off, only the app-specific productions and unspecified productions are shown.
  • OpenProduction dialog with the flag off, only unspecified-type productions are shown.
  • Premiere Pro 14.0.1 crashes after opening a Multicam project saved in 13.0.3.
  • Timelines copied between team projects do not bring in assets along with timeline, share dialog shows asset references.

February 2020 release

  • Team Projects automation scripts should work in both old and new world environment.
  • Team Projects shuts down abruptly, and the changes are not being saved. There is also trouble synchronizing files.
  • Localhub git object database performs badly with large enclosure blobs.
  • Premiere Pro 14.0.1 crashes after opening a Multicam project saved in version 13.0.3.

January 2020 release

  • Copying assets from one team project to another can cause assets to not appear in theMedia Mangement dialog.
  • Upgrading to Premiere Pro (version 14.0.1) makes all bins disappear.
  • Copy to shared storage can cause the media mangement dialog to be empty (two media imported same location).
  • Copy to shared storage can cause the media management dialog to be empty(same path, different drives, same media).
  • Within a multi-project scenerio that shares media, media can go offline after relaunch and reopen of a project.
  • Copy to shared storage can result in media management display issues.
  • Share button does not light up when changing production properties after conflict resolution has been performed.
  • New version compatible string message is not translated.
  • Improvements to general quality and fixes for some crashing bugs.

December 2019 release

  • Team Project Media Browser within the Link Media Dialog never displays Team Project contents.
  • The Make Offline menu option does not show a confirmation dialog before taking action.
  • Within Premiere Rush, syncing the project does not work when Sync Project was initially OFF and then set to ON for an existing project.
  • The Disconnected status icon appears when system left idle for a long period of time. Note: Under some instances, the component responsible for communicating to the web service would crash. Upon auto-restarting of the components the connection back to the web service was not being properly made. This change fixes  that scenario by verifying proper connections are re-established.
  • Total number of media assets in a project from converting from a stand-along Premiere Pro project (.prproj) into a Team Project increased unexpectedly.
  • Clicking on the Exit without saving button does not take you back to the welcome screen as expected.
  • Editing any of the Team Project settings within After Effects are not saved between sessions.
  • Pasted synthetic clip appears in the Media Management dialog.
  • Many crashing bugs across the application.

November 2019 release

  • Team Projects autosave fails when you create a new offline file.
  • XMP edits (Metadata / marker) don't register as an edit and are not shareable.
  • Intermittent Crash occurrs when you open a specific Team Project.
  • Unnecessary auto-saves are created when you open a session, and when the same media file has been imported from multiple paths.
  • Premiere Pro hangs when you duplicate a sequence in a Team Project.
  • Importing a Premiere Pro sequence or opening a team project with a sequence will fire asserts in ASL::DirectoryRegistry::FindDirectory.
  • Timeline is being marked as edited after scrubbing for no apparent reason.
  • Rush hangs at Preparing Media for user signed in with an enterprise ID.
  • Opening Export settings dialog marks a sequence as edited. 
  • Sharing during a copy operation can possibly cause assets that are uploaded to shared storage to not have their location updated.
  • Live Edit badges - the red and yellow pencil icon do not show.
  • Premiere Clip markers lost when importing clips with proxies through the Media Browser if the original media is offline.
  • After Effects comp is deleted from local project prior to conversion to a Team Project.
  • After Effects comp is shown in a sequence of a converted Team Project.
  • Redundant medialocators are created when converting .prproj to team project.
  • Clicking on the Exit without saving button does not take you back to the welcome screen.
  • Importing large sequences from the media browser into a team project will cause reflection to possibly hang. 
  • Shared After Effects-imported image sequence will be marked as edited in Premiere Pro.
  • In Rush, CreateNewProductionFromSnapshotFile leaves behind a temporary directory.
  • Edited by other / Edited by you and other asset status is not displayed.
  • Invoking additional views from effect controls edits the sequence.
  • Mogrt imported from other Team Projects will be offline and marked as edited on other machine.
  • Importing a sequence via drag&drop from Source Monitor into Project Panel does not work.
  • Expression: relinkItemCount <= totalCount asserts when copying assets while they are still loading.
  • Link Media is enabled for offline sequence track items.
  • Assert is thrown when put Premiere Pro in the background.
  • In After Effects, Fill footage is not created at picked folder location if Content-Aware Fill settings have an absolute path set.
  • Premiere Pro crashes when opening a team project with a .psd reference frame.
  • 'Dirty' local Project not properly saved when converting to a team project.
  • After Effects makes modification to the team project settings when sharing.
  • Opening up the media management dialog in after effects will file  "AddLister called but the station [] was not registered yet!" in StationUtils.cpp.
  • On Windows, Mogrt scratch disk setting not respected for custom mogrt.
  • The Adobe Media Encoder's Encoding panel shows reference to a local project.
  • Comp imported from local .prproj will be pending and throw low-level exceptions when opening it.
  • Pasting comp track item to a sequence from another TP does not copy referenced solids, leads to broken layer references.
  • "Media File Path" / "Proxy Media File Path" columns are empty for offline assets in a TP.
  • Asserts and incomplete file transfer when copying the same local clips a second time to shared storage.
  • Wrong file path is shown when importing local clips a second time after they were copied to shared storage.
  • Some ingested media not relinked to target destination, will be offline for other collaborators.
  • Memory leak when syncing team project.
  • Canceling "Update Team Project" after resolving conflicts does not work.
  • Empty conflicts list, dialog does not close after resolving many conflicts with "keep yours" method (intermittent).
  • Open same cloud projects on different devices at same time will result in project conflict message.
  • Assert when accessing a rush project through the media browser. 
  • Assert, "Recovered Clips" bin after importing same media/asset twice from Media Browser into sequence timeline.
  • Selecting a different track item than the one replaced by comp will delete it
  • Exporting (png image sequence) via Media Encoder results to Export for 1 single frame.
  • After Effects duplicates linked comp's referenced asset if it wasn't present before.
  • After Effects Cannot create content-aware fill layer in a Team Project.
  • Team Project not properly reflecting changes and missing Thor notifications.
  • After Effects duplicates linked comp's referenced asset, if it is available at two locations.
  • After Effects crashes on quit after replacing sequence track item with comp, if media is available at two locations.
  • Asserts in ProjectBridgeProducitonLoader.cpp when getting latest changes.
  • Windows user see offline media and are unable to create a media mapping after opening a team projects that was converted from a local Project on Mac.
  • In After Effects, there is a mismatch between displayed root node in Media Management and the actually used location if multiple locations are available.
  • Occasionally, when pressing share, you will see a dialog flash and nothing happens.
  • Video-only media becomes offline in Premiere Pro after sharing media mapping in After Effects.
  • "Volume Details" text truncated on MAC.
  • Mark In/ Mark Out in source monitor is enabled when open a read-only team project.
  • "A NULL interface pointer has been dereferenced" asserts when selecting merged clip in sequence.
  • "Missing media" warning when importing mogrt media with missing font via Media Browser.
  • Project in background gets closed automatically when user clicks "Open Team Project".
  • All media is not being represented in the media management dialog. 
  • Opening up a Testjam project with 90 assets is taking 4-5 minutes.
  • "Expression: projectItem" assert when getting sequence changes, sequence is not updated
  • Markers disappearing when re-opening Premiere Pro Team Project
  • Clip Markers added to a proxy clip vanish after closing and re-opening a Team Project
  • PR throws "Unexpected type of original instance string" asserts after a comp edit
  • After pasting from one project to another, I am getting autosave errors. 
  • Regression: ominous asserts when switching back to Premiere before a proxy finishes rendering
  • Broken comp reference when mapping media after After Effects headless is already running
  • "Medialocator resource not found" warning in PR after "modifying" offline asset in After Effects.
  • Offline files imported from another team projects are missing media details, displayed inconsistently in Media Management dialog
  • We need to figure out what to do with After Effects comps when converting to a project. 
  • Some media types aren't transcoded in team projects, but in a standalone project (MAC-only)
  • copy and paste from team project to another team project will cause asserts and reflection issues. 
  • "Get Latest Changes" does not clear "History" panel.
  • Merged clip with deleted asset components is offline in a team projects converted from a local project
  • User_B sees unexpected items in share list after User_A edits a sequence with media containing proxy info.
  • Nested comps render differently(incorrectly) in Premiere Pro compared to After Effects.
  • "Missing Assets" appear in bit after reopening a project where historical versions of assets are being copied.
  • Assert, recovered clip, (intermittent) PR crash on quit when importing AV asset twice from local .aep into team projects sequence in Premiere Pro.
  • Sometimes offline media do not show up in Media Management.
  • Team Projects: Errors and missing footage with Photoshop Video Layers.
  • Sequence comp track item removed after two subsequent solid color edits.
  • Asserts and errors when canceling team projects load and reopening the team project. It cannot be closed afterward, app does not quit.
  • Assets with proxies marked as edited if proxy generation by other user hadn't finished before sharing.
  • "Media instance string cannot be replaced." asserts after editing comp in After Effects.
  • Copying original media to shared storage can sometimes not propagate to other machines.
  • receiving user will sometimes see a GUID instead of the project name inside the invitaition notificaiton and project name. 
  • References to 'Team Project' when archiving a Cloud Project working in a shared editing session
  • After performing copy to shared storage, some media is left offline on second machine. 
  • During media management copy to shared storage operation, second machine asserted while media was coming online.
  • Dialog that appears when Inviting the same collaborator twice contains references to Team Projects.

June 2019 release

After Effects issues

  • After Effects throws internal verification failure when opening a Team Project containing a .psd, .ai or image sequence that was imported in Premier Pro.
  • Assert in AE headless while connecting to AE comp from Premiere Pro.
  • Premiere Sequence imported into After Effects does not update when an audio track is muted or unmuted.
  • Errors and missing footage with .psd containing Photoshop Video Layers.


  • Missing assets and offline track items after copying and pasting both sequence and referenced assets from one Team Project to another.
  • Merged clip with deleted asset components is offline in a Team Project converted from a local project.
  • Offline media does occasionally not show up in Media Management dialog.
  • Unable to share a media mapping when a media is mapped for the second time.
  • Media not coming online on the fly with Media Mapping dialog is open.
  • Sequence with Morph Cut is erroneously marked as edited after being opened or played by another collaborator.
  • All clips become offline after letting the machine idle for a while.
  • Copy and pasting media from a Team Project to a local project will cause media locatorID to appear in the link locate dialog.

April 2019 release

Inviting Collaborators

  • The team project doesn't appear in Premiere when the invitation is accepted from the Adobe Creative Cloud notification list with Premiere Pro open.
  • The team project is visible in both the collaborator’s Invite and Project List after that collaborator has been removed and re-added as a collaborator. 
  • Collaborator is not removed immediately and is able to perform share and sync operations on a team project.
  • First team project reopen after a collaborator is removed and re-invited usually fails for the collaborator.

After Effects Issues

  • Sequence track item not replaced with comp when renaming newly created comp in After Effects.
  • Media Management dialog unresponsive until all media has been relinked after mapping media Asserts and offline placeholder when replacing clip with After Effects comp in a sequence imported from older team projects version.
  • Replace with AE Comp and Edit Original do not invoke Save confirmation dialog for edited local After Effects project.
  • Assert attempting to add an After Effects comp to AME render queue.
  • Unresponsive After Effects app UI when opening a team project with footage from slow storage.
  • Sequence created with mapped files in premiere does not come online in After Effects.
  • Edit Original on a comp shows pending layer graphic after team projects is reopened in After Effects.
  • Licensing a Stock asset in a Team Project open in Premiere Pro will cause After Effects to show that asset as edited.
  • Edit Original opens no or the wrong project item in After Effects.
  • Comp is erroneously marked as edited in Premiere Pro after getting 'Composition Settings' changes made in After Effects.
  • Opening a team projects and updating project items for media on network volume is much slower in After Effects than in Premiere Pro (WIN-only).


  • Premiere on Windows crashes when the team project has library video items imported from the library in After Effects.
  • Multiple asserts thrown on trying to add library items in the team project in After Effects. 
  • Asset copied to shared storage is not coming online for other users.
  • Media relinking is slower in PR 13.1.0 than in previous versions (MAC-only).
  • Comps are offline in AME; AME take a very long time to import a comp into the render queue.
  • Box and OneDrive files do not come online automatically.
  • Adding a new media mapping to solve missing media can improperly update the media management dialog until it is reopened.
  • Copy&Paste clip track item from TP into sequence in standalone project cause media with media locator path.


  • Changes made to team project settings on Windows are not getting synced on Mac.
  • Locally edited team project name is not reflected for the user until after they share changes.
  • Canceling a close team project action from the Unshared Changes dialog stops reflection.

Converting a project to a team project

  • Premiere Pro gets stuck in project reflection after .prproj to team project conversion, crashes when closing the team project.
  • If the project is not saved before converting from a .prproj to team project, changes will be lost.

Version Compatability

  • Roundtrip workflow between Premiere Pro 2018 and After Effects 2018 on a Mac crashes Premiere Pro. 
  • Opening a team project created with a newer client version offers to rollback to a previous autosave.

Archiving a team project

  • The team projects disappear from the archive list when multiple team project are archived
  • Collaborator is stuck at Waiting for Team Project to synchronize dialogue indefinitely if team project is archived by owner and collaborator has share enabled.

General Issues

  • Workspace settings are not persisted.
  • Cannot open a historic version as read-only team project, Premiere Pro gets stuck in Canceling Open Team Project dialogue. 
  • Reconnecting a network connection can cause the team project name to be appended with date information.

December 2018 release


When you accept an invitation to collaborate on a team project through the Creative Cloud desktop application, it removes the invitation from the invite dialog but the project does not show up in the team project dialog.

Sharing and Receiving Change

  • When you revert changes due to conflict resolution, Team Projects does not recognize it and the edit and share buttons remain grayed out.
  • Changing label colors on sequences do not generate a share.


  • Broken clip reference after replacing mapped track item with a comp.
  • When you convert a team project to a Premiere Pro project after copying a sequence from a project to a team project, it causes locatorIDs to be present in the link locate dialog.
  • Intermittent error message Media does not have a floating media locator instance string!? displays when pasting sequence.
  • You can get Auto-save errors when pasting sequence from one team project to another one.
  • Premiere Pro 13.0.1 and After Effects 16.0.1 display Team Projects item in Media Browser for non-entitled users.
  • Importing a project into a team project which has common media between the two project displays medialocatorIDs in the link locate dialog when exported to a local project.
  • If a user quits and relaunches Premiere Pro, Creative Cloud Library assets are offline in a team project.
  • When you create proxies within a team project, they do not attach to the media as expected.


  • Sync status control switches to Syncing when the application loses focus.
  • Syncing state does not display correctly when a newer client application is connected to an older localhub component.
  • You can get an auto-save error during .prproj (Premiere Pro project) to team project conversion, and Premiere Pro hangs afterward.
  • Premiere Pro stuck on opening team project dialog box in loading state.


  • Some MOGRTs cause project reflection to hang and Premiere Pro becomes unresponsive.
  • Clicking an FX slot in the Audio Track Mixer edits the sequence.
  • Reopening a team project will assert and return the user to the welcome screen.


  • Failure when trying to delete a team project after archiving it (MAC only).
  • Archived team project not removed from the team projects list of the collaborators.
  • You can get 404 errors when clicking on the Welcome screen if a team project has been archived by another user and is in the Most Recently Used list.

October 2018 release

Sharing and Receiving Changes

  • Markers are not saved in a team project when sharing changes. 
  • Creating Master styles can cause sharing issues.
  • Share button does not light up when changes such as change text color, position caption block are done in the captions panel.
  • Creating a text capsule on Mac using a courier font fails to render properly when opening on windows.
  • Metadata/Marker changes do not reflect unless TP is closed/reopened.


  • Updated assets are not reflected in a team project in Premiere Pro when a collaborator using After Effects copies local assets to shared storage. 
  • A Motion Graphics Template’s .aegraphic media files are not copied to shared storage when a user starts Copy to Shared Storage..." and are thus offline for collaborators. 
  • Double-clicking an offline composition opens the Media Management dialog. It does not show any offline media, preventing you from finding the offline media and resolving.
  • Library items are offline for collaborators when added to the team project by dragging.
  • Unresponsive client when importing thousands of assets via the Media Browser
  • Importing the same Motion Graphics Template with video embedded multiple times imports the linked video multiple times on macOS. On Windows, it imports one time, but Motion Graphics Template is blank.

Activity Notifications

  • Undo does not update the asset status badge

Multiple open projects

  • Opening a team project after opening a Premiere Pro project shows the team project.
  • Reflection breaks when copying a Motion Graphics Template with external dependencies from a sequence into a different team project.


  • Archived team project is listed in recent team projects list and remains available to collaborators.

Premiere Pro and After Effects interaction in a team project

  • Sequence and synthetic clips become offline assets in Premiere Pro after undoing their deletion in After Effects in a team project. 
  • Premiere and After Effects apps stuck at Updating Project items when a sequence that is held by a composition is edited by another collaborator to hold a second composition.
  • Motion graphics template used in a team project corrupts the team project.
  • Sequence is marked as edited when included composition is modified in another session.
  • Copy Paste of AE compositions is not disabled in the Project Panel.
  • A sequence with a nested composition enables a share even if there is no change made to it.
  • Deleting Premiere Pro Motion Graphics Templates clips in the Motion Graphics Template bin in the project panel does not warn that track items are deleted.

After Effects

  • After Effects render failures with compositions in sequences resulting in offline or pending media. 
  • After Effects crashes attempting to export a motion graphics template created within a team project.
  • Importing a Premiere Pro sequence from the media browser into After Effects causes an error state and does not import the sequence.
  • Production list not updated to remove the team project after a collaborator has been removed. Collaborator can still open the team project but encounters errors when attempting to share. 
  • Asset remains in "edited" state after undoing edit.
  • 'Save as' is allowed while there are changes in shared editing session though same option is disabled from File menu.

Adobe Media Encoder

  • File import failure attempting to drag a production to the render queue.
  • Adding an After Effects comp from a team project into the render queue fails. 
  • Motion Graphics Template items are offline when exporting a sequence via AME from a team project.

July 2018 release

Improved Stability

  • Intermittent "Synchronization Failure" message appears when you reopen a team project.
  • Sequence track item does not reflect marker changes made in Source monitor after team project is closed & reopened.

Sharing and receiving changes

  • Auto-save errors occur after getting latest changes.
  • Get Latest Changes button does not light up after collaborators shared their changes.
  • Edited composition name is not reflected in Premiere Pro until the team project is reopened.
  • Timestamp in bin name does not match locale when you choose a third conflict resolution option.


  • Media in a team project goes offline after closing and reopening, media path is no longer valid and unable to map or relink media.
  • When you create proxies within a team project, they do not attach to the media as expected.
  • Media management dialog is empty after you drag & drop merged clips to a team project.
  • Sequence markers are wiped out if the sequence is imported into the source monitor.
  • Composition remains offline and Premiere Pro hangs on quit if a team project contains any master clips.
  • Moved composition is not reflected in Premiere Pro until the team project is reopened.
  • When you paste merged clip to another project, it fails.
  • In Premiere Pro, the nested composition edits are not updated in master composition.
  • When the network connection is lost, files go offline and the Make Offline option is enabled.
  • Copy/Paste a merged clip from one team project to another team project causes a null pointer exception to occur.
  • Relink Others Automatically within the attach proxies dialog does not attach all proxies.
  • Click merged clip from project to team project causes the asset to be offline when you relaunch Premiere Pro and reopen the project.
  • Still image formats which are copied using media management contain one frame after copy has been completed.
  • Copy/paste or drag/drop a sequence and its assets (in a bin) from one team project to another team project causes media to be duplicated.

Activity notifications

  • Presence status is shown offline when a user has two machines and the team project is open on both machines.
  • There is no change in presence status when the user’s machine goes into sleep mode.

Conversion between projects and team projects

  • The importing process of a Premiere Pro project into a team project does not finish. 
  • Premiere Pro project converted from a team project hangs whenever you click the timeline.
  • Make Offline after team project has been converted to a Premiere Pro project causes the filepath and filename to be incorrect.
  • After converting a Premiere Pro project file to a team project, merged clips are offline.


  • Archive does not work as expected with multiple open projects or linked team projects.
  • A team project exists in both archive and team project views within the open team project dialog if a user opens up a linked team project which has been archived.
  • Collaborators are able to share a team project after it has been archived.

Premiere Pro and After Effects interaction in a team project

  • Premiere Pro cannot play a composition with master properties, it throws low-level exceptions.
  • Sequence and synthetic clips become offline assets in Premiere Pro after undoing a deletion in After Effects.
  • Premiere Pro throws Unexpected Team Project Change warning after getting latest changes in After Effects.
  • After Effects crashes on opening the Manage Team Projects window.
  • Premiere Pro crashes when opening a team project with missing .json reference for a data-driven After Effects composition.
  • Pasting the same Premiere Pro track item multiple times into an After Effects composition creates multiple corresponding project items
  • aerendercore crashes continuously when modifying composition text within Premiere Pro.
  • Cannot change text color in a motion graphics template. 
  • Edited composition name is not reflected in Premiere Pro until the team project is reopened.

April 2018 release

  • Video assets from Libraries are broken between After Effects and Premiere Pro in Team Projects.
  • Copying a master graphic with a file association to another team project causes the file association to be offline after relaunch.
  • Text layer edits do not mark the composition as edited.
  • Closed Captions file triggers a share.

January 2018 release

  • When you try to invite a user who is not affiliated to your organization's domain, an incorrect error message is displayed. 
  • When you try to share the assets after working on them simultaneously with other users, you see an error message saying 'Conflict resolution could not be completed'. 
  • When you try to convert dual mono to a stereo track, audio channel mapping is broken. 
  • When you copy and paste a composition from After Effects in Premiere Pro, master clips are copied into the recovered clips bin.
  • When you export a Premiere Pro composition in Adobe Media Encoder, it fails to render and does not display any status message. 
  • When you close the project, workspace changes in Team Projects are not persistent because they are not written automatically to the user profile directory.
  • When you try to open an After Effects 15 team project in After Effects 14.2.1, the compositions are corrupted and exceptions are thrown.

October 2017 release

Improved Stability

  • Media Browser disconnected after importing thousands of assets, with applications switching between connected and disconnected state in quick succession.
  • When you try to browse across the sub bins of a Team Project, throttling occurs in Team Project. 
  • When you try to open any project in Team Projects, the project does not load in Team Projects. Sometimes, there is a delay in loading projects.

Sharing and Receiving Changes

  • An empty share dialog appears after choosing "Discard local changes" option in "Local Changes" warning.
  • When you try to share latest changes after receiving from other users, Team Projects fail to share. 
  • Project import using Premiere Pro causes new items to be in the shared list after another collaborator gets the latest changes using After Effects.
  • Placing an entry within the description field of the team project description can cause shares between WIN/Mac platforms.
  • When you share a master style from Premiere Pro, Prelude picks up the file and shares it. 
  • Sequence is marked as edited when an included composition is modified in another session.
  • 'Save as' is allowed in After Effects in Team Project while there are changes in a shared editing session although the same option is disabled from the File menu.
  • Conflict badges disappear after a change is made in Team Project. A "newer version" alert appears when you try to share the team project.

Collaborator access | Archiving a team project

  • Archived team project is available to other invited users after 15 minutes, when it has been removed from their list of team projects. 
  • The team project is not removed from the list of team projects they have access to after collaborator has been removed, and can still be opened.
  • "After Effects encountered an error and could not open the team project. Contact your system administrator" error is thrown when the user tries to open the team project after the user was removed and then added.


  • Duplicating a merged clip that is already used in a sequence prevents a user from sharing changes to the team project. 
  • When you copy a local asset to shared storage, the assets that are updated in After Effects do not reflect in Premiere Pro.

Activity Notifications

  • Asset status badge is sometimes only shown in the Program Monitor. 
  • Audio and Video assets are shown with video-only asset icon in Share list dialog.  

Start Screen

  • When you launch Team Projects, the get started screen appears differently in macOS and Windows OS.  The menu items for Open Team Project and New Team Project display as links instead of buttons.
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