Optimize team productivity with the top 3 collaborative workflows.

Illustration of 3 team member's hands depicting team collaboration

Sharing documents to collect feedback or signatures from your team, your clients, or your editors can be time-consuming and confusing. Sending and receiving multiple email attachments and file versions creates opportunity for errors. Adobe Document Cloud allows you the freedom to collaborate effectively and efficiently, saving time, increasing clarity, focus, and productivity.

Share and get feedback

Share documents and get feedback from almost any device, allowing collaboration via tablets, mobile, or desktop. Acrobat puts the right tools in your hands without your having to install custom software.

  • Consolidate feedback from multiple parties in one location
  • Receive notifications when reviewers open files or add feedback
  • Send reminders to ensure timely follow-up
  • Use @mention to efficiently answer questions
  • Store signed documents and review audit trails
Hand signing form with electronic signature on mobile phone

Sign and send for signature

Digital signatures are one of the most secure ways to authenticate a document. Acrobat’s sign and send process keeps you in control of the signature process by adding digital metadata, which protects the integrity of your signed documents, and can be tracked and managed efficiently. 

  • Use Fill & Sign to sign or initial documents on any device
  • Get signatures from one or multiple parties
  • Send an anonymous or public link to your signed document
  • Store your signed documents and audit trails online
Clamp compressing PDF document to symbolize file size compression

Protect and compress PDFs

Acrobat protects your custom artwork, legal contracts, and sensitive information by allowing you to grant specific people access to specific aspects of your digital content. With multiple options for adding password protection or redacting sensitive information, you decide who can view or print your documents. You can also compress files for a speedy delivery without dramatically altering file integrity. 

  • Remove and redact content easily
  • Set low-resolution proofing options
  • Set and unlock passwords
  • Manage view and print permission levels
  • Compress large documents

Managing your projects with Acrobat gives you the tools to stay focused, efficient, and streamlined. Learning these tasks will improve your communication. Follow our step-by-step instructions in short task-oriented articles and learn specific time-saving tools to help you get started.

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