Create custom brushes with Capture and use them to create expressive animations in Animate.

Cartoon hippo shooting a ray gun at night.

Save the brush assets to your Creative Cloud Library. You need to be signed into your Creative Cloud account to save the library.

Draw animated laser blasts with vector art brushes

Because brushes in Animate are vector-based art, you can resize, move, color, and animate your brush strokes.

Smooth brush path (1:12); Create vector brush (2:15); Keyframes (2:30); Capture brushes (2:43); Draw the second blast (3:15); Animate in the keyframes (3:54); Pulse as movie clip symbol (4:54)

Create custom brushes  

Edit an Art Brush created in Animate. Then, convert the Art Brush into a Pattern Brush.  

Capture grass brush (0:34); Add brush to style window (0:52); Draw and modify grass (1:40); Edit an Art Brush (2:20); Convert an Art Brush to a Pattern Brush (3:15); Pattern Brush settings (3:33); Draw with Pattern Brushes (5:20)

Share your work

Share your animation on social media by tagging it with #MadeWithAnimate

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