How to set up AEM Asset Insights in AEM 6.2


AEM 6.2


I. Configure Adobe Analytics:

  1. Log in to Adobe Analytics (either via a marketing cloud org or via

  2. Go to Admin => Report Suites

  3. Create a Report Suite for Asset Insights

  4. Select the new Report Suite and go to Edit Settings => Conversion => Conversion Variables

  5. Add eVar3 (See evar3 screenshot [3]) and save

  6. Go to Edit Settings => Conversion => Success Events

  7. Configure event7 and event8 (See screenshot event vars [4]) and save

  8. Go to Edit Settings => Conversion => List Variables

  9. Configure list1 (See screenshot [5] below) and save

For testing purposes, you can also enable real time reporting so you won't have to wait an hour before the data is viewable in Analytics.
  1. On the same Report Suites screen above, select your report suite again

  2. Go to Edit Settings => Real-Time

  3. Turn on Enable Real-Time

  4. Step text
  5. Step text

II. Configure AEM:

  1. Go to this URL in AEM: /mnt/overlay/dam/gui/content/assetinsights/wizard/configure.html

  2. Enter the credentials, authorize, set the report suite to the one you created earlier and use the default configuration (see asset insights config [6])

    Asset Click Success Event Name *
    Asset Click eVar *
    Asset Impression Success Event Name *
    Asset Impression listVar *


    For the list var, on AEM, the variable would always be referred to as listvar# and on Analytics, it would list#.

  3. Go to /crx/packmgr/index.jsp

  4. Upload and install the package ""

III. Generate Traffic

  1. Once you have it all configured, then you should generate some traffic. In the attached zip file, find and unzip the contents.

  2. Open index.html in a text editor

  3. Search and replace all occurrences of "http://localhost:4502/" in the html with the base url to your test site, for example: http://dev-aem-author:4502/ 

  4. Go to line 15

    assetAnalytics.dispatcher.init("","","","listvar1", "eVar3", "event8","event7");​

  5. Update the code with your own site's report suite, API host, and variables. For example, see below (replace with your Asset Insights report suite and with your analytics company id:

    assetAnalytics.dispatcher.init("","","","listvar1", "eVar3", "event8","event7");

  6. Open index.html in a browser, if all goes well, then this would generate some traffic.

IV. Run the Synchronization Asset Performance Report Sync Job

Now data should be getting reported to Adobe Analytics.  The next step is to get AEM to download the report data.  By default AEM only downloads the data from Analytics once every night.  However, you can modify the configuration to make it run more frequently.  For testing purposely only, we would set it to run every minute.

  1. Go to this URL on the AEM host http://aem-host:port/system/console/configMgr/

  2. Backup the default value and set this as the cron expression "0 0/1 * 1/1 * ? *" to make it run once every minute

  3. Monitor the AEM logs for any errors, however, if it is working properly, then you would see this message in the logs [1].  If it fails, then you would see this message [2].

  4. If the job fails then the most common cause is that the report suite got unset.  Go here to set the report suite id again: http://aem-host:port/etc/cloudservices/sitecatalyst/assetinsights/performance.html

See the documentation page for 6.2 Asset Insights for more details:


15.07.2017 00:32:14.199 *INFO* [] Asset Insight report sync from SiteCatalyst completes.


27.06.2017 22:39:01.788 *ERROR* [] Exception while syncing the report from SC

[3] events screenshot

[4] eVar screenshot

[5] list-var screenshot

[6] asset insights

You can download the zip files(, by going to the Demo Package page.


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