Index binary files to make them searchable


In your media library, you want to enable search for binary files (PDF, Word document, and so on).


Edit /config/repository/repository.xml. Uncomment the following line:

<rule source="*.File" destination="FileIndex" /> and restart the instance. Rebuild your search index to index the preexisting binary files.

/config/repository/repository.xml :

   Defines a single rule to match a source atom and
   define its indexing atom.
      source       Defines the GlobPattern to match
                   against the qualified ID of the atom's
                   AtomInfo. If the pattern matches, the
                   rule applies. The first rule in the
                   list of rules applies.
      destination  The label of the atom taking the text
                   extraction of the source atom.
      <rule source="*.file" destination="fileindex" />
      uncomment to enable indexing of media library downloads
      <rule source="*.File" destination="FileIndex" />
      <rule source="*.DownloadFile" destination="DownloadFileIndex" />


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