Content Compare and Import tool

You use the Content Compare and Import tool to compare and import content differences from one CQ instance to another CQ instance. It's only necessary to install the bundle containing Content Compare and Import in the CQ instance where you use the tool.

Download and installation

Use the tool

You can access the Content Compare and Import tool directly in a web browser at the following URL: http://<host>:<port>/system/console/contentPull

The instance that is being accessed is the "local instance." The instance that is it is being compared with is the "remote instance." When you access the tool, you are presented with the screen below.


For the tool to function properly, it's necessary to install it on the "local instance" only.

  1. To use the tool, first fill in the following fields:
    Remote URL - The URL of the remote CQ instance. The remote CQ instance must be running and accessible(for example, http://localhost:4502)
    Remote user - The user that is used to access the remote CQ instance. Use the admin user to avoid permission-related issues.
    Remote password - The password of the remote user.
    Remote path - The path that is used for comparison. The comparison/import happens to this node and its descendants. Limit the size of the branch for optimal performance.
    Exclude properties - A list of all properties that you don't want compared. Do not include spaces. Note: The default set of excludes are ideal for comparing two publish instances.
    Skip modified - Use this option to only test for new or deleted nodes on the remote instance.
  2. Click Compare Only to run a comparison of the nodes and properties between the remote instance and the local instance.  Or, click Import instead to run an import of content from the remote instance to the local instance.

When running the tool, make sure to use the admin account for doing the comparisons to prevent permissions issues.

Interpret results

Content comparison

When doing a content comparison, the result only shows differences between the two CQ instances.  It does not show nodes or properties that are matching.

The result of a comparison shows the following types of differences:

  • New node: The node does not exist in the local instance, but does exist in the remote instance (the instance being compared to).
  • Deleted node: This node exists in the local instance, but does not exist in the remote instance.
  • [<property-name> D]: The property exists in the local instance, but does not exist in the remote instance.
  • [<property-name> M]: The property exists in the local instance and in the remote instance, but the values are not identical.
  • [<property-name> A]: The property does not exist in the local instance, but exists in the remote instance.

Scenario 1 - Comparing Content: Here is an example of running a comparison between two running CQ instances for the path "/content/geometrixx/en/toolbar."

Content import

When doing a content import, the tool displays the differences along with a description of the changes that were made to bring the two instances in sync.

The result of an import can be interpreted as follows:

  • New node: This node was imported into the local instance.
  • [<property-name> M]: This property was updated on the local instance with the value from the remote instance.
  • [<property-name> A]: This property was added to the local instance.

Scenario 2 - Importing Content: Here is an example of running a content import from a remote CQ instance to a local CQ instance.


If a property does not exist on the remote instance, then the tool doesn't remove the corresponding property on the local instance.

Open issues



  • Comparing the entire repository is not recommended because it affects performance, and it can take long for the process to complete. If you want to compare many nodes ( > 1000 pages), break down your repository to smaller branches with < 1000 pages.
  • When doing a content import, it is important to make a backup of the local CQ instance or create a backup package of the content beforehand. This way, if any unwanted changes occur due to the import, then you can easily restore it back to its original form.

CQ version capability

  • CQ 5.5
  • AEM 5.6


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