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What is the CDN Invalidation Template for? How do I use it or set it up?


General viewer caching information

You can find documentation on this feature under "CDN Invalidation Template"

The best practice use of the invalidation template is below:

  1. Log in to Scene7 Publishing System (SPS).
  2. Choose Setup > Application Setup.
  3. Look for the text field labeled CDN Invalidation Template.
  4. Enter the following URLs. Replace the presets below with the ones that are in use in your site (product detail, thumbnail, search results, and so on. 
  5. Now select a few images, and choose File > Invalidate CDN.
  6. You see a list of URLs generated from the template you created and the images you selected. It uses the server URL listed under "Published Server Name" under the Application General Settings.
  7. You can also make any edits in that window, if necessary.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. You see a dialog box that indicates that request was submitted. Click OK.


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