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Managing assets inc. working with folders, browse, moving, renaming (rename), projects


How to find total number of assets in a folder.

How to rename assets in bulk?


Batch Rename

It is possible to perform a batch rename operation in SPS. Open up excel and create a two column spreadsheet. Cell A1 should read 'ipsid' and cell B1 should read 'newipsid', both without the quotes. Fill out the remaining rows for the assets you need to update. Then save this file as a tab delimited text file. Now, in SPS go to File -> import metadata. Make sure the Metadata type is set to "Image". Browse to your newly created spreadsheet and hit "Upload". You will get a notification e-mail when the job begins and ends. Note: this procedure only works for images. If you need to rename other assets, like videos, the only method to rename is using the Web Services API.

The Web Services API approach on involves using the renameAsset webservice API call. You can build an application that takes an input list of images and performs the necessary webservice calls to rename the images. The renameAsset API call offers an option to rename associated files as well.


Unfortunately, there is no way to restore a folder as a single entity. You would need to re-create the folder and restore the assets it contains from the the trash.


This information can be found in the SPS UI. First, browse to and select the image you are working with in SPS. Then double click to open the asset in the detail view. On the right hand side of the window, click on the tab for 'Built and Derivatives'. This will display a list of all of the sets and templates in which the selected asset is currently being used.
If the information is required on a large number of assets, the way to go would be to parse the manifest file on the IPSID, IMAGESET and ASSETTYPE columns where a filter would be set on the ASSETTYPE to only include assets of type ImageSet, and the IPSID would indicate the name of the set and the IMAGESET column would contain the members belonging to the set.


Because there is a very high performance hit when sorting a large number of records, we strongly recommended customers split up both their assets and their directories in reasonable chunks.


Request to move folders

Since SPS 6.5 moving folders is possible with drag and drop, or by using the File - Move Folder menu option

If there are a lot of assets inside the folder being moved, please be patient while the UI processes through it.


The following asset types are supported: PDF, PSD, PostScript, Video, Image (for KnockoutBackground only).
If the file you are trying to reprocess is not of that type, you will have to reupload it to SPS.


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