What does retiring a font mean? Why would a font be retired?

From time to time, we are obligated to remove fonts from the font library; we refer to this as “retiring” the font. Font retirement may happen for a variety of reasons, but is typically at the request of the foundry, when a typeface is no longer available for licensing and distribution.

The majority of font retirements are because the font family has been updated with significant changes that necessitate replacing it with an entirely new family. For example, Alverata PE from TypeTogether was overhauled, retired, and replaced by the family Alverata.

What happens to my websites?

Adobe continues to serve the fonts to any published projects, so existing websites will not be affected when fonts are retired. However, retired fonts are not available to use in new projects, and if you remove the font from an existing project, you cannot add it again.

What happens to my active desktop fonts?

Thirty days before the font is retired, we’ll put a notice on the font family page with the retirement date and any other details, such as the name of a replacement font family.

If you have a font activated that is scheduled to be retired, we’ll also email you seven days prior to retirement to inform you of the upcoming change.

After we retire the font, it will automatically be removed from your list of active fonts, and it will no longer appear in the Fonts tab of the Creative Cloud desktop application or in your desktop software font menus.

Can I keep using files I created with fonts that have been retired?

Yes and no. Any file which embeds the font data, such as PDF, image, or video formats, and any text that has been rasterized or outlined, will continue to display correctly. These types of files may be reproduced and distributed even if the fonts have been retired from Adobe Fonts.

Documents that reference fonts on your computer, such as an InDesign or Word document, will show a missing fonts warning and use a default font from the program in place of the one from Adobe Fonts. You would need to purchase a new font license and install the fonts on your computer to continue to display and edit these files.

What if I want to use the same font for new projects?

If there is no updated version of the font that suits your needs and could be substituted, you would need to see if the foundry has the fonts available for purchase from their own website or through a reseller.

What happens to fonts I have purchased from Marketplace?

Any Marketplace fonts you have purchased will remain on your account for both web and desktop use.

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