Use live brushes and selections as a team for new ways to draw on your iPhone.

What you learned: Create a variety of selections, draw inside them, and then resize layers for the perfect composition.


Make free-form selections

I like to make selections, then draw inside them. This technique is especially handy when I’m working on my phone, where there’s not as much real estate.

  • The Lasso lets you drag to define the perimeter of a selection.
  • Long-press the Lasso to access additional tools, like the Brush selection tool, which allows you to scrub to paint a selection area.
  • Choose a drawing tool, like a Live or Pixel brush, and scrub over the selection to draw inside it.
  • When a selection is active, anything you draw will be confined to that area until you tap Deselect or Exit.


Make geometric selections

  • Choose the Ellipse marquee to draw round selections.
  • In Fresco on the iPhone, in the top bar, go to More (…) > Settings and toggle on the Touch shortcut. Back on your canvas, holding the Touch shortcut while making a selection with the Ellipse marquee will constrain it to a perfect circle.


Build on shapes

You can use selections and Lock transparency to create complex shapes quickly, like I’ve done with the crescent moon.

  • With an active selection, tap Transform selection in the bottom bar. Drag and pinch to reposition and scale it.
  • Tap a layer thumbnail > More (…) > Lock transparency. This will let you constrain your drawing to the pixels inside the selection that already have color.


Adjust the composition

Easily scale, transform, and reposition layers to get your illustration just right.

  • Select a layer, then select Transform from the Toolbar.
  • Drag to reposition the layer and pinch to scale it proportionally.
  • Transform disproportionately by dragging one of the side handles.


Share your work

Fresco on iPhone makes it easy to publish your illustration.

  • In the top bar, tap Share.
  • From here, you can choose Timelapse to create a cool video of your process.
  • Alternatively, tap Export as to save an image to your phone or another destination.
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