Work with your photos anywhere, across multiple devices.

Photo of a sand dune with the same image on an pad, phone, and a laptop

Work with your photos anywhere

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is more than a single program on your computer. Lightroom is an entire cloud-centric ecosystem that offers multiple surfaces on which to view and edit your photos. You can access your photos on your computer, mobile phone, and tablet, as well as in a web browser. Any changes you make to your photos are reflected across all your surfaces in the Lightroom ecosystem. And your changes are nondestructive to your original full-resolution photos, which are safely stored in the cloud.

Add photos wherever you are

Your photos can be imported into Lightroom with the desktop version of the program on your computer or via the Lightroom app on your mobile phone or tablet. You can even upload images to the web version of Lightroom at This flexibility makes it easy to add images to Lightroom wherever you are.

A grid of darkened photos, one is highlighted at the center with a plus icon

Organize your photos

There are plenty of ways to organize and access your photos in Lightroom. Lightroom automatically organizes your photos by the date captured. For a more personalized approach to organizing your photos, group them into albums by topics that are important to you. As your list of albums grows, you can manage it by nesting related albums into folders.

Stacks are useful for grouping similar photos, like multiple exposures or photo bursts. Flag and star ratings keep track of your best photos. Lightroom’s People view will help you organize and find photos of the people in your life. You also can add keyword tags to photos if you like.

A grid of various travel photos

Find your photos

The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours on photo organization or adding keywords to find the photos you’re looking for! Lightroom has a powerful cloud-based search system that can find photos based on their content. Just type a term into Lightroom’s Search field—anything from a simple subject like “dog” to an abstract concept like “love.” The system will quickly search your Lightroom photos in the cloud and magically return those that match the content you’re seeking. You can also search for photos by metadata, such as the type of camera you used, exposure information, or location.

An assortment of mountain photos with a search bar over them with the word "Mountains"

Lightroom is a great way to work with your photos from different locations, knowing that all the changes are stored in the cloud and accessible in Lightroom on any device. You can easily organize your images with albums, and the powerful search features let you quickly find just the image you’re looking for.

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