Upgrading to LiveCycle ES4

Adobe LiveCycle ES4 bring numerous capabilities that are mobile-ready and help you expand your current solutions and workflows to tablets or smartphones devices with HTML5 browsers. Some of the capabilities include:

  • HTML5-based rendering of XFA form templates: In addition to regular PDF forms, you can now render your existing XFA-based forms in HTML5 format. It helps you to expand your client platform to mobile devices (Apple iPad, Android tablet and smartphones, and so on) that supports HTML5 and do not support Adobe Reader with XFA Forms. For more information about HTML5-based rendering capability, see Introduction to Mobile Forms
  • HTML5-based Workspace: HTML5-based Workspace is compatible with HTML5-compliant platforms and allows for task management on clients without Flash® Player and Adobe® Reader®. It simplifies customization and facilitates rendition of HTML Forms, in addition to regular PDF forms. For more information about HTML5-based Workspace, see Introduction to HTML Workspace.
  • Mobile Workspace: Mobile Workspace is a native app for iOS devices. It extends your business processes to your field workforce. It allows your field workforce to complete their tasks, such as fill forms, take pictures, and scribble notes, from a remote location without Internet connectivity. For more information about Mobile Workspace capabilities, see Introduction to Mobile Workspace.

In addition, LiveCycle includes new capabilities to simplify the process of organizing and managing forms. For information about deploying, developing, configuring, and managing forms, see Working with forms.

Enable Mobile Forms and Forms Manager

If you are upgrading to LiveCycle ES4, perform the following steps to evaluate the Mobile Forms and Forms Manager capabilities: 

  1. Upgrade to LiveCycle ES4: To be able to use the new capabilities of LiveCycle ES4, upgrade your existing LiveCycle setup to LiveCycle ES4. For more information on how to upgrade, see the appropriate upgrade document at Installing, Upgrading, and Clustering LiveCycle Server.
  2. Set up and deploy: Next, enable new components on the upgraded LiveCycle installation. For more information, see Install Mobile Forms and Forms Manager.
  3. Render existing forms: Use the new end-point for Mobile Forms to render Form templates in HTML5. For more information, see Rendering Form Template.
  4. Migrate existing forms: Move your current XFA forms into Forms Manager. For more information, see Migrate your current forms into Forms Manager.

If you need any assistance in upgrading your existing LiveCycle setup to LiveCycle ES4, write to Adobe support at upgrade2LiveCycleES4[at]adobe[dot]com. We will walk you through the process and help in migrating your existing forms to the new setup.


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