Using Bulk Edit Feature in Adobe Advertising Cloud


This article has been authored and contributed by Nidhi Kapoor, Senior Consultant - Advertising Cloud at Adobe.


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‘’Manual Bidding” is the most common and important step seen in case of newly created campaigns. This method let the advertiser set the manual CPC for keywords as per its targets and enhance their exposure.

Advertising Cloud has its competitive bidding technology with which it takes the control and automate bids on bid units (keyword + match type) using its algorithm such that it maximizes advertiser’s objective.

The process being followed in Advertising Cloud for newly created campaigns is that when they are new should be kept under ‘Manual Portfolio’ first for few days before getting assigned to the ‘Optimized Portfolio’. This is to ensure that they build good performance data history around them before getting under Advertising Cloud's technology. In an Optimized portfolio, bid units are bid automatically by the technology as per its algorithm.  The factor history plays an important role in bidding technology of Advertising Cloud as it helps in generating the models (cost & revenue) and therefore calculating appropriate bidding for bid units.

Usually the common method seen among advertisers for manual bidding regularly for keywords in bulk are through the bulk sheet method. In this, keyword's bids are modified as per their performance, business requirement or some best practices such as for example:

  • Keywords with conversion and avg pos worse than position 3 = +20%
  • Keywords with conversion and avg pos between 2 and 3 = +10%
  • Keywords with no conversion and avg pos worse than 3 = +30%
  • Keywords with no conversion and avg pos better than 2 = -10%

These increases or decreases are made as per the bids in ‘current bid column’. This method requires downloading the current status of keywords first in a bulk sheet format and then making changes and posting the modifications later on through AMO on search engine.

There is also another way to execute and expedite the manual bidding is by using AMO’s ‘bulk edit feature’.

To use the ‘bulk edit’ feature, visit the keywords tab, create a filter to select the keywords to perform the bid increase/decrease action. To start with, use the ‘Add Filter’ option, select the date range of the data on which the analysis will be appropriate for keywords and then filter the keywords on the basis of their conversions/avg. position data etc


Select those filtered keywords > click on the ‘bulk edit’ option on the left > select the ‘available actions’ such as ‘formulaic bid change’ in case of ‘manual bidding’ and then increase or decrease the percentage depending upon the data, best practices, budget targets and requirement of exposure. In case of increase, it’s always good to set the max limit and in case of decrease, the minimum bid limit to avoid the sudden increase or decrease. Click ‘Apply’ then to execute the changes.


Changes made will be available under ‘bulk edit status’ link under the ‘filter’s row. This is one of the quickest method to avail the option of manual bidding in bulk, change the ‘status’ of keywords, ‘create’ and ‘Find & Replace’ in bulk.

Depending upon the number of keywords to be manual bid, filter requirement and the frequency of changes to be made, a choice can be made between the options of bulk sheet or bulk edit to be used.