Explore layers in Adobe Photoshop on your iPad.

What you learned: Change layer stacking order, add a photo from your Camera Roll to a new layer, transform a layer, apply a layer blend mode, select multiple layers, group layers

Layer views

Work in Compact Layers view to maximize your workspace; switch to Detailed Layers view when you want more information about your layers. Use the icons at the top of the Task bar to switch between layer views.

Layer stacking order

  1. Tap a layer to select it.
  2. Drag the layer up or down in the layer stack to change the front to back arrangement of content in the image.

Add a photo from your Camera Roll

  1. Tap the Place Image tool in the Toolbar, choose Camera Roll, and navigate to a photo in the Camera Roll. The photo opens in Transform mode.
  2. Drag the handles on the blue Transform boundary to scale or reshape the placed image. Press inside the boundary and drag to move the placed image.
  3. Tap Done to exit Transform mode.

Apply a layer blend mode

  1. Tap the Layer Properties icon in the Task bar to open the Layer Properties panel with controls that affect the selected layer.
  2. In the Layer Properties panel, tap the Blend Mode menu and choose a blend mode to blend the active layer with the layers below.

Select multiple layers

There are several reasons to select multiple layers. You may want to move or transform different layers together. Or you may want to group layers to organize them.

  1. Tap one layer in the Layers panel to select it.
  2. In the Task bar, tap the Three-Dot icon and choose Begin multi-select mode.
  3. Tap the checkbox on other layers to add them to the layer selection.

Tip: Alternatively, you could use the Touch Shortcut to select multiple layers. Tap one layer in the Layers panel to select it. Then press and hold the Touch Shortcut as you tap other layers to add them to the layer selection.

Group layers

  • With multiple layers selected, tap the Folder icon in the Task bar to create a layer group in the Layers panel.
  • To view the layers in the group, double-tap the group thumbnail in Compact Layers view or tap the triangle to the left of the group in Detailed Layers view.

Adobe Stock contributors: aetbe, kichigin19, Dmitry Kokh

Illustrator: Seán Duggan

Instructor: Jan Kabili


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