Layer groups can help you organize a document in Adobe Photoshop so it’s easier to find text and other design elements as you create. Layer groups also make it easier to work with several layers at once. For this example, we’ll use different techniques to group layers that make up different parts of a poster.

Sea green Australia Pride Festival poster with purple, pink, and yellow paint splashes hangs on bus stop wall

Open the Layers panel

Choose Window > Layers to open the Layers panel. Notice each layer displays a thumbnail indicating the type of content on the layer — such as a T for a type layer, or a thumbnail for an image layer.

The Layers panel displays a thumbnail indicating the type of layer. T is used for text, and thumbnails are used for images

Group logo elements

Click the JULY 1-AUGUST 31 type layer. Then, Shift-click the LOGO Ellipse layer to select all four logo layers, including PRIDE FESTIVAL and LOGO Line. Click Create a New Group at the bottom of the Layers panel, double-click the new group name, and change it to Logo. Click the arrow next to the Logo layer group to see the how the layers are now organized into a collapsible group.

Four layers that make up the logo are selected, folder icon is highlighted, and layer group name is changed to Logo

Group city names

Select the four type layers that include the city names (Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, and Brisbane). Click the Layers panel menu and choose New Group from Layers. Name the group Cities.

Four text layers are selected, Layers panel menu > New Group from Layers is selected, and group is named “Cities”

Group sponsors

Click Create a New Group from the bottom of the layers panel and name it Sponsors. Shift-click Sponsor1 through Sponsor5, and then Control-click (Windows) or Command-click (macOS) to select the black rule layer. Drag the selected layers into the new group.

Create a New Group folder icon is highlighted, layer is named, multiple layers are selected and dragged into the new group

Group images

Make sure Kind is selected from the menu just below the Layers tab so you can filter layers by the type of content they contain. Click the image icon to filter for image layers. Shift-click to select the three paint splash image layers, and use one of the methods described in the previous steps to group the layers and name the group. Click the image icon again to turn off the filter and show all the layer types.

Select “Kind” then image icon in the Layers panel to filter layers by type of content. Click New Group from Layers.

Work with grouped layers

Choose the Move tool from the toolbar and make sure the Auto-Select option is not checked. Then click the Logo group in the Layers panel. Move the logo from one side of the poster to the center. Layer groups make it easier for you to work with multiple layers at once. For example, you can change the Opacity or set the Blend mode for all the layers in a group.

Choose Move tool, uncheck Auto-Select option, click a layer group in the Layers panel to move multiple layers at once.

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