Combine two videos to create an imaginative composite in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Mobile phone displays a woman holding a cup of coffee with the ocean inside.

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In this project, you’ll replace part of a scene with a second video clip, as an inset, using Premiere Pro.

Starting in the Editing workspace, place your main footage on track V2 in the Timeline panel. With the video clip selected, open the Effect Controls panel (Shift+5) and click the icon under Opacity that’s appropriate for the object you’re masking: Ellipse, Rectangle, or Free Draw Bezier. Position the mask path points so they black out the object. Increase the Mask Feather to soften the edges.

Video clip of woman holding coffee cup open in Editing workspace. A mask is drawn over the inside of the coffee cup.

If the masked object remains fixed throughout the scene, you can go to the next step. If it moves, however, you’ll need to track the mask so it follows the object. In the Effect Controls panel, click the wrench icon next to Mask Path and choose the appropriate tracking method. Enable Preview so you’ll be able to gauge the tracking’s accuracy in real time. Click the Track Forward button. Mask tracking takes time, so be patient. When it’s completed, play the sequence. If at any point you need to reposition the mask to keep it on target, readjust the mask path and click the Track Forward button again to create new tracking keyframes from that point onward.

Effect Controls window is open. Mask path is tracked to ensure the mask follows the inside of the coffee cup.

Place the video inset clip on track V1. Trim it to match the length of the footage above it. Play your sequence. Depending on how the tracked object moves — coming closer, moving farther away, or rotating — you may need to keyframe the Position, Scale, and Rotation values of the inset clip over the course of the sequence to maintain the illusion that the inset clip is an integral part of the composition.

Video clip of ocean is placed on track V1 and trimmed to match the length of the footage above it.

Depending on the nature of your composition, the inset clip may either blend naturally into the main scene or create a surreal visual juxtaposition. Consider switching to the Color workspace and applying Lumetri Color adjustments to the inset clip — whether a Look preset or basic color corrections — to fine-tune the final scene to your liking.

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