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Learn how to modify corners on rectangles. (Try it, 8 min)

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Prepare the workspace

When you open the tutorial file, there are two artboards. To view both artboards at once choose View > Fit All in Window. The artboard on the right contains resources for you to use during the tutorial, and the artboard on the left is where you will be working. Open the Layers panel by going to Window > Layers. Click on the layer named "Rectangle."

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Draw a Live Rectangle

Notice that there is a bright blue outline on the left artboard, which is a guide to help you draw a rectangle. Select the Rectangle tool from your toolbar, then click and drag from the upper-left corner of the guide to the bottom-right. Release your mouse to complete the rectangle.

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Round corners in the Transform panel

When you draw a rectangle or rounded rectangle, the Transform panel appears. From this panel, you can change the appearance of your Live Rectangle including its dimensions, rotation, and corner properties. Enter "22 px" for the corner radius.

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Change the stroke and fill

With the rectangle still selected, press "I" to select the Eyedropper tool. Click on the teal square in the Resources artboard to copy its color properties.

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Use the Rounding Widgets

Press the "V" key to choose the Selection tool and click on the pink Live Rectangle. Notice that there is a circle in each corner of the Live Shape. Click on one of these Rounding Widgets and drag it until you see a red stroke on the left and right sides of the shape. This indicates that you have reached the maximum corner radius.

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Change the dimensions of a Live Rectangle

With the pink Live Rectangle still selected, navigate back to the Transform panel. In the Rectangle Properties, click on the chain icon so that the rectangle does not scale in both directions. Be sure the Rectangle Width is set to 600 px.

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Explore Live Shapes

Use this pink Live Rectangle to explore the other Rectangle Properties. Use the Rectangle Angle to easily rotate your Live Shape, and return to its original angle by choosing "0." Change the Corner Type to see how easy it is to create complex shapes with Live Rectangles.

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