Add custom icons to your presentation slides to communicate your points with impact.

Get this party started

  • This part’s easy. The only work you have to do is to sketch out a general idea of what you’d like your icons to look like.
  • Now let Adobe Capture take over by importing your sketch to your Creative Cloud files in a vectorized format.
Smartphone with Adobe Capture CC next to sketch of the world with the words, “CAPTURE YOUR SKETCH” below it.

Set yourself up for success

  • Open Adobe Illustrator and create your artboard.
  • Now add your newly vectorized sketch from your Creative Cloud files to your Illustrator board.
Laptop open with Adobe Illustrator running in the background.

Channel your inner expert with the pen tool

  • The Capture app’s vectors are close to perfect, but to be truly flawless it needs your magic touch. Get in there with the pen tool and make the base shape of your icon.
  • Now trace over your sketch on a new layer using your vectorized sketch as a basic outline.
  • Add finishing touches with handles and editing anchor points with the Direct Selection tool and Pen tool to make sure the foundation of your icon is perfect.
A sketch of the world is open in Adobe Illustrator. The artist is adding a stroke using the sketch as an outline.

Stylize your icon

  • Make it pop: Fill your shape with color.
  • Time to get funky: Stylize with layered colors, shapes, and patterns.
The sketch is stylized with colorful fills and patterns, and the words “SPICE IT UP” appear below it.

Show it to everyone, accept endless stream of compliments

  • Export your icons (right click -> collect for export -> save as transparent png) and move them into your presentation for stylized table of content pages, markers, and bonus: you can even use them as infographics!
A presentation featuring the artist’s stylized sketches is open on a laptop. “UP YOUR GAME” is written at the bottom.

Adobe logo

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