Nowadays all your digital ad campaigns must be designed for every medium. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator make it easy to design your campaign and export for all types of formats.

Find and create your base image for the ad campaign

You need design elements that are easy to rework into various formats. Photoshop can help you prepare your base image for maximum flexibility.


Open your photo in Illustrator

Illustrator makes it easy to implement all the artboard templates you deigned for your format needs (for example, a square for Instagram, rectangle for Twitter, various web banners – along with other templates for physical objects like stickers, t-shirts, mugs, etc.).


Work your design elements into place

Select Place and import your photo into your artboard templates.


Use template guidelines to add text and place, crop, and resize your image and other elements.


Export to multiple sizes

Once you’ve finished all your optimized layouts, you can easily export them.


Customize the scale and formats settings for all your artboards.


The final result

You now have a stunning ad campaign that’s perfectly designed for your client’s format and size requirements, and ready to launch for business!

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