Create digital designs for multiple mediums in Illustrator.

Multiple versions of a sale flyer for Flairstyle on a peach colored background

To be effective, digital content should be designed for every medium. For creating banner ads, social media art, website graphics, and more, Illustrator provides a pixel-perfect design environment where you can do it all. With features ranging from .SVG export and pixel grids to reusable symbols, Illustrator provides the ability to create flexible and free-flowing designs.

Give your project an inspiring boost

Beginning your new project with a well-designed template can jump-start your creative process. You’ll find a wide variety of useful, inspirational templates in Adobe Stock, which is accessible through the New Document window directly in Illustrator, or by visiting

New Document window in Illustrator showing template options for Prism Social Media Set in Adobe Stock

Set the stage for success

Know the intended use of your designs ahead of time. Since digital designs are meant to be used across different mediums, Illustrator allows you to choose your intent when you set up a new document. Selecting the Web or Mobile category sets the color mode to RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) for on-screen viewing, sets the measurement unit to pixels, and offers many preset sizes, all tailored to creating digital designs.

Add multiple designs and versions with artboards

In a single document, you can create all of the digital collateral pieces you need by defining them with the Artboard tool. You can size each artboard for a specific piece of collateral and easily move assets between artboards to share content.

Artboard in Illustrator showing six versions of a promotional collateral design

Keep artwork precise with a grid

Digital artwork needs to be precise, down to the pixel. In the Properties panel, you can turn on an alignment grid and also enable Snap To Grid to align your artwork to the grid for precision and consistency.

An artboard in Illustrator with a grid overlay showing a graphic being moved to snap to the grid

Tip: If you are creating artwork to be exported in a raster format, like .PNG, you can turn on Pixel Preview to preview how the artwork will appear when rasterized (that is, when shapes and paths are converted to pixels).

Work smarter with symbols

For the design elements that you frequently reuse, you can save them as symbols in the Symbols panel. You can then drag and drop copies, called instances. All instances in your document reflect changes you make to the original symbol, saving you loads of time as you edit, tweak, and refine your design.

A graphic of an email icon is being placed onto an artboard from the Symbols panel

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