Improve the appearance of any illustration with these top tips for Illustrator CC.

Draw and refine live shapes

Discover how simple it is to create polished artwork using basic vector shapes as building blocks. Since vector art scales to any size, your finished flyer can be sized to billboard size or scaled small without losing quality.

In this first tip, see how to create, edit, and combine simple shapes that can be easily refined using special tools and techniques.

Edit a Live Shape (0:32); Combine shapes easily (1:39); Refine shapes with widgets (2:04)

Apply colors like a pro

Our second tip will help you choose a harmonious color theme for your project even if you're no color expert.  

Launch Adobe Color CC in a browser directly from Illustrator and explore a large set of color themes you can download instantly to your Creative Cloud Libraries to use in Illustrator, and other Adobe desktop and mobile apps.

Once saved in a library, you can select shapes and apply colors to their fills and strokes effortlessly.

Launch Adobe Color CC (0:11); Save a color theme to a CC Library (0:32); Apply colors from your color theme (0:59)

Use a shape to mask an illustration or image

Now you'll see how to make a plain background more interesting by adding a texture, pattern, and even a photo in a unique shape. 

Then, take your design further by blending your masked texture into its background in a unique way.

Slant your shapes (0:28); Mask any image with a shape (0:40)

Add effects to make your art pop

This tip will make your artwork stand out on any crowded bulletin board—see how to customize a pre-built vector effect to add a modern, hard-edged drop shadow on any object in your artwork.

Create a hard-edged drop shadow (0:19)

Add impact with professional typography

Finally, add bold text using high quality fonts. Beautiful typography makes your artwork unique and memorable, and adds the perfect finishing touch to any design.

See how to access the vast library of high quality fonts in the Typekit Library available to Creative Cloud members. 

Note: Some fonts are only available with a paid Creative Cloud membership. See Getting started with Typekit and Creative Cloud for details.

Browse fonts from the Typekit Library (0:09); Save flyer as PDF (2:53)

Contributor: Joseph Todaro

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