To make creating and editing much easier, try fresh ways to select objects like using the Lasso tool and much more.

What you learned

Select similar artwork

Take advantage of artwork with common properties, like their color appearance. Now use the Select Same commands to make speedy selections!

Isolate areas to make selecting and editing easier

When you isolate parts of the artwork to work on, you can focus on that area and avoid accidentally disturbing other parts of your design. 

Work in outline mode

When you have objects hidden behind other objects or need to make a more precise selection, you can view just the black outlines. This gives you a distraction-free view of your artwork and makes selecting easier.

Save selections to reuse later

You worked hard to make the complex selections, so save the selection to reselect it in just one click. The best part is that your selection is saved with the document, so you can load it anytime you work on your design!

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