Pen tool preview

Pen tool preview

Enhancements in the Pen tool let you preview the direction of the next path segment you will draw. Watch this tutorial to see how you can save time and draw paths more efficiently. (Try it, 3 min)

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The 2014 release of Adobe Illustrator CC updates the pen tool and anchor point controls giving you more flexibility and control over crafting vector artwork. New features and improvements include: A Pen tool preview lets you preview the path while drawing; Ability to drag unequal anchor point handles for finer control over curves; Convert points easily while drawing; Improved snap-to-grid functionality; and better control over closing paths. Learn how by watching the video and practicing with the sample file we provide.

Pen tool preview (0.20); Drag unequal handles (0:31); Convert points (1:08); Snap anchor points to grid (1:27); Closing paths (2:04)

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