Explore essential techniques for creating your best logo and brand identity design in Illustrator.

Three versions of a logo for Bloom in progress from start to finish

Jump-start your logo with tracing

You can take a picture of your sketch using your phone and import it into Illustrator. Using Image Trace, you can convert that image to editable shapes and paths.

Sketches for a logo in a journal on the left and the final logo in Illustrator on the right

Grids and guides

Turn on the Illustrator grid to create a crisp, symmetrical, balanced logo that’s polished and professional. As you draw, shapes and freeform paths snap or align to the grid.

Close-up of part of a logo against a grid background

Create with shapes

Master simple shapes with easy-to-use controls. Since most shapes created in Illustrator are live, they’re always editable. Use on-shape control widgets or other panels to make quick edits, combine shapes, and more.

Draw curves and lines

There are dozens of ways to sketch, trace, and draw in Illustrator. From the Curvature tool to the Pen tool, you can draw and edit without switching tools.

Customize colors for a uniquely memorable design

With the Color Guide, Recolor Artwork, and built-in color libraries, you can create unique, eye-catching colors and save them as color swatches to reuse later.

Three different colors of a logo shown beside a Color Guide panel showing color Swatches in Illustrator

Use type as a design element

With Illustrator, you have quick access to powerful typographic features and a vast library of high-quality fonts from Adobe Fonts—all included with your Adobe Creative Cloud membership. 

Create versions

Use the Artboard tool to duplicate a logo artboard to make your next version. The Recolor Artwork tool lets you quickly change the logo color scheme. 

Four variations of a logo for Bloom shown on an Illustrator artboard

Share your logo with the world

Use the Asset Export panel to collect your logo or logo versions and export to the desired format, including collecting multiple versions in a single .PDF sheet. 

Adobe logo

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