In this tutorial, you’ll create and edit shapes, and explore different ways to combine shapes to create new shapes using Shape Builder.

What you learned: How to create shapes, modify shapes, and work with Shape Builder to further refine and combine shapes

Create shapes

There are a series of shape tools you can use to create different types of shapes.

  • To access the different shape tools, double-tap or long press the Rectangle tool in the toolbar on the left.
  • Press the touch shortcut on-screen to constrain shapes as you draw them. This is a great way to make a perfect circle or square, for instance. 

Edit shapes

  • With a shape selected, the common actions bar appears beneath the shape. You have access to options like duplicate, stroke weight, move, and more.
  • With certain shapes, like a polygon, you can change options like the number of sides of the shape by dragging a widget.
  • With a rectangle or polygon selected, adjust the corner radius (roundness) of all corners together by dragging the corner radius widget. To adjust the radius of individual corners, select the Direct Selection tool to select corners independently.
  • As you draw, move, and transform shapes, Smart Guides appear in the form of magenta lines and measurement labels to help you properly size and align objects.  

Combine shapes with Shape Builder

Shape Builder is useful for combining or deleting shapes to create new shapes. 

  • With more than one shape selected, tap the Combine Shapes menu and select Shape Builder at the top.
  • Drag through shapes to combine them or tap shapes to delete them.
  • Tap Done to stop working with Shape Builder.
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