Organize your artwork on separate artboards in Adobe Illustrator.

Develop your design on separate artboards, which work like pages in Adobe InDesign or any word processing app. You can organize design elements on different artboards, and then print or export them individually.

Add an artboard

Select the Artboard tool in the Toolbar, and drag on the canvas to create an artboard. You can resize it by dragging a corner handle with the Artboard tool.

To duplicate an existing artboard, select an artboard with the Artboard tool. Then press Option (MacOS) or Alt (Windows) and drag an exact copy of the artboard and its contents. You can do this to create color or design variations side-by-side. 


Draw an artboard to size

As you drag to resize your artboard, look for the small tool tip that shows the dimensions.

Once created, you can select an artboard preset from the Artboards section of the Properties panel to resize an artboard automatically.


Organize your artboards

It’s easy to end up with many artboards scattered around your canvas. To rearrange them, simply drag artboards with the Artboard tool.

You can name your artboards to help you to keep track of the contents. Select an artboard and type a name in the Artboards section of the Properties panel. 


Now you can use artboards in your design process for brand identity projects, postcard designs, web banner ads, and much more. When you’re ready, you can save, export, and print the artboards individually. 


Adobe Stock contributor: Diana Hlevnjak

Contributor: Lukas Blazek

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