Feature summary | Illustrator (October 2021 release)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the October 2021 release of Illustrator on the desktop (version 26.0).

Apply 3D effects with re-imagined product experience

You can now easily apply 3D effects like Rotate, Revolve, Extrude, Lighting, and Shadows to vector artwork and create 3D graphics. Find all these effects along with Adobe Substance Materials and rendering options in a single 3D panel. 

For more details, see About 3D effects in Illustrator

Add textures using Adobe Substance materials

You can add texture to your artwork using Substance materials and create realistic 3D graphics. You can either add your own material or choose from the free community and Adobe materials. You can also add thousands of Adobe Substance 3D materials with a subscription plan.

For more details, see Create 3D graphics in Illustrator

Share for commenting

You can share a link to your artwork with collaborators, team members, or anyone. Reviewers with the link can now view your artwork and share feedback for seamless collaboration. You can view review comments in the shared document from within Illustrator.

Contextual self-guided content with discover panel

You can now learn about the new features with ease and get quick help using the Discover panel. The panel also gives you recommendations based on your skills and your work. These recommendations include tips and tutorials on how to get multi-step workflows done faster. 

Seamless activation of missing fonts

You can now load your documents on any computer and work seamlessly without having to manually fix the missing fonts. The missing fonts are replaced with the matching fonts from Adobe Fonts.

For more details, see Fonts and typography

Enhanced productivity with Select same text

You can now select all the text boxes in a document and change text characteristics at a time. Extended functionality of Select Same enables you to select a text based on font size, text fill color, font style, and font. 

For more details, see Select objects

Place linked cloud documents

You can now place or embed linked PSD cloud documents in Illustrator documents. Update or relink your PSD cloud files and embed them into your artboard when you want to edit the file.

For more details, see Import artwork files

Support for HEIF or WebP formats

You can now open or place High-efficiency Image Format (HEIF) or Web Picture (WebP) format files in Illustrator. To access HEIF format files in Illustrator on Windows, you will need codecs files. 

Simplified variable-width strokes

You can now adjust or expand the variable-width strokes easily with fewer anchor points as Illustrator applies simplified paths on the strokes.

For more details, see Create strokes width variable widths.

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