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Learn how to edit text, images, and objects in a PDF or scanned PDF. Also, learn what to do if a PDF is password protected or digitally signed. Choose what you want to do:

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Unable to edit a PDF

Unable to Edit a PDF? Install Acrobat on your device and make it the default PDF viewer. Learn more >

Edit text in a PDF: Add or replace text, correct typos, change fonts and typeface, adjust alignment, and resize text. Learn more >

Edit a PDF form created using LifeCycle Designer

Edit a secure PDF: Certain features are restricted in secured PDFs, signed PDFs are locked to prevent changes. Learn more >

Edit text or images in a scanned PDF

Edit a scanned PDF: Turn your scanned documents into editable PDFs, edit text and images. Learn more >

Edit images or objects in a PDF: Add, resize, move, rotate, align, crop, or replace images and objects. Learn more >

Edit a secure or password protected PDF

Edit a PDF form created in LiveCycle Designer: XFA forms can’t be edited in Acrobat without loss of interactivity. Learn more >

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