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Adobe will stop hosting existing sites on Business Catalyst on June 18th, 2019. Adobe encourages customers to download their data and migrate to other systems well before June 18th, 2019. For detailed how-to information and assistance, see the Business Catalyst FAQ.

This article provides an overview of the Business Catalyst Admin Console for Creative Cloud sites. You'll get an overview of the Business Catalyst dashboard and online interface.

At this point, you would have published your site using Muse or created a new Business Catalyst site within Dreamweaver. If you have not already done so, refer to one of the below links:

Logging in to the Admin Console

The first step is to log in to the Business Catalyst Admin Console. The Admin Console is the name of the online interface that enables you to update your account settings and review site analytics.

To access the Admin Console and begin editing your online business, refer to the welcome email and click the site administration link. Alternatively, you can enter the following URL into the address field of your web browser:

Note: Replace my-site in the URL above with the name you entered when creating your temporary site. .

Enter your Creative Cloud Adobe ID and password into the registration window that appears (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Enter your Creative Cloud Adobe ID and password.

Getting to know the Admin Console

The Dashboard

The Business Catalyst dashboard is the starting point for managing any of your Business Catalyst sites. This area provides an overview of a site's activity, visitor's actions, and online sales. Below are the descriptions of the dashboard features:

Figure 2. Business Catalyst Admin Dashboard


  1. Site Preview - This is a link to preview your site on the web. Until you add a domain name to your site, this links to the URL.
  2. Site Visits - This graph gives you a quick overview of your sites visitors. You can extend the date range by clicking the down arrow to the right of the date range. To view additional reports on your site, click View More Reports in the upper right of the charts.
  3. Launch Site - Once your site is ready to go, you can click the Launch Site
  4. Delete Site - If you no longer need your temporary site, you can delete the site by using this link.
  5. System Usage - This area provides an overview of the current disk space and bandwidth used on your site. As part of your free Creative Cloud sites, you are allowed 1 GB of disk space and 1 TB of bandwidth per month.
  6. Invite Users - You can invite additional admin users to your site. You can assign admin users to specific roles, giving them only a subset of permissions to manage your site.

The main site menu found on the left side of the admin interface allows you to navigate to site management and settings tools such as users, roles, reports, and web forms.


If you created a site from Muse, the options to edit pages in Business Catalyst are disabled. If you need to make edits to a page, work on the page in Muse and upload the page to Business Catalyst again. To enable editing options in Business Catalyst, see Enable editing options (Muse users).

Figure 3. Main Menu

Top Nav menu

The top navigation menu in the admin, allows you to switch between editing, developing and managing modes. As mentioned above, Muse sites see a different set of editing options as shown below:

Dreamweaver sites

Figure 4. Top navigation menu for Dreamweaver sites.



Muse sites

Figure 5. Top navigation menu for Muse sites.


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