Troubleshoot uninstallation issues | CS5.5, CS5 products

The Adobe Creative Suite 5 and CS5.5 uninstaller displays three panels, or screens, as it works: 

  • Options
  • Progress
  • Finish

Uninstall Options panel

  1. Select which components to uninstall.
  2. Decide whether you want to deactivate the product:

    • Select Deactivate to return your activation data to Adobe and remove the product serial number from your hard drive. It's necessary to be connected to the Internet to deactivate.

    • Deselect Deactivate to leave activation data and your serial number on your computer.
  3. Select Remove Preferences if you want to remove them.
  4. Click Uninstall.
Uninstall Options panel

Note: For assistance with any error messages that occur before you click Uninstall, analyze the PDApp.log that the installer/uninstaller creates. See Troubleshoot CS5 and CS5.5 installation with install logs (cpsid_84451).

Uninstall progress

After you click Uninstall, the uninstallation progress bar appears. The deactivation is processed.

Shut conflicting processes on Windows

  1. Right-click the taskbar and select Task Manager.
  2. Select the Processes tab, select a conflicting process, and click End Process.
  3. Repeat for all instances of the processes.

Shut conflicting processes on Mac OS

  1. Press Command + Option + Esc.
  2. In the Force Quit Applications window, select the conflicting application and click Force Quit.
  3. Repeat for any additional conflicting applications.

Uninstall Finish and failures

If the installation completes successfully, the Finish panel displays a thank-you message.

If the uninstallation fails, the Finish panel displays the title Uninstallation Status and the message, “There were problems with your uninstallation.” This message means that some or all of the components did not uninstall properly. Click Troubleshooting to display any error messages or codes. 

There were problems with your uninstallations.

To troubleshoot uninstallation failures, try the following, in order.

  1. Search the knowledgebase for errors, if you haven't already done so.

    Use any additional information that appears below the error message to search for a solution in the Adobe Knowledgebase.

    a.  Select the error information and press Ctrl + C (Windows) or Command +C (Mac OS) to copy it.

    b.  Visit the Adobe Support website and choose your product from the Select Product Support Center menu.

    c.  Paste the error text into the Search The Knowledgebase field and click Search.

    Note: Omit file paths and registry keys from the search string.

  2. Run the Adobe Support Advisor.

    The Adobe Support Advisor is an AIR app that helps identify and resolve installation issues. Click the Customer Support link in the Uninstallation Status window, or click Adobe Support Advisor, to use it. You can leave the Uninstallation Status window open while you run the advisor. For more information, see Using the Adobe Support Advisor (ASA) (kb405816).

  3. Identify errors in the installation logs.

    The Adobe Creative Suite 5 installer records all errors and actions in two log files. You can use the logs to search for solutions in the Adobe Knowledgebase. See Troubleshoot CS5 and CS5.5 installation with install logs (cpsid_84451).

  4. Perform general troubleshooting steps.

    Follow the steps in General uninstallation troubleshooting — Adobe Creative Suite 5 and CS5.5 products (cpsid_82944).

  5. Contact Adobe Technical Support

    If you still cannot uninstall your Adobe Creative Suite 5 product, contact Adobe Support. If you ran the Adobe Support Advisor and uploaded your support package, Adobe Support can use the ASA token number to quickly access your error information.


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