Welcome to the Adobe Experience Manager Mobile (AEM Mobile). Take advantage of these resources to help you get up and running.

Getting access to AEM Mobile

If you have a previous DPS license

If you belong to an organization that has a Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) or Experience Manager Mobile license but have not been granted access to the On-Demand Portal, contact your Master Admin and request the required permissions to work on projects and apps.

Pricing and information

You can also fill out a Request for Consultation form to learn more information about pricing.


Quick Start Guide and Assets

Quick Start Guide PDF (English only)

Last updated December 14, 2016 (updated screen shots and steps for revised UI)






Tutorial Assets .zip (for Quick Start Guide and videos)


Previous tutorial assets


Video Tutorials

Watch these video tutorials while using the tutorial asset files to learn how to create a project, build an app, and add content to the app.