Known issues | Dreamweaver 2014

This article lists the known issues and limitations in the 2014 version of Dreamweaver.

CSS Designer

  • When you edit selectors in the CSS Designer panel, an extra space is introduced after the changes are committed. The new keyboard shortcut for creating a CSS Selector (Ctrl+Alt+S) conflicts with the one that exists for splitting a table cell (also Ctrl+Alt+S). So, when you press Ctrl+Alt+S, irrespective of whether the focus is on a table cell or not, you find that:
    • A new CSS Selector row is added if CSS Designer is open.
    • No action is performed if CSS Designer is not visible.
      Workaround: Manually change the keyboard shortcut for splitting table cells (Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts).  

Element Quick View

  • When you rearrange elements using the Element Quick View, the code gets reformatted.
  • Occasionally, drag-and-drop from the Insert panel or Element Quick View may not work if the clipboard is corrupted.
    Workaround: Restart your computer and retry.

    Live text editing

    • When you double-click a button's label text, the button is highlighted giving an impression that the button itself was clicked.
    • If you press Enter at the end of a H1 tag, a Div tag is inserted instead of a p tag. This issue occurs when the whole heading or a portion of the heading is styled using pseudo selectors. 
    • During live text editing (in Live View), if you delete all the text and type in the text again, the strong and em tags are reordered/rearranged.
    • During live text editing, if you press Enter in an empty table cell, a tag is added instead of a tag.
    • When you try to edit text that has the display property set to inline-table, table-cell, or table, the entire block of text gets deleted.

    PhoneGap Build

    • During a Dreamweaver session, if you sign-out and sign-in using a different Adobe ID, the PhoneGap service, Business Catalyst, and Sync Settings continue to use the older Adobe ID.
    • When you click the 'Start using PhoneGap Build' button in the PhoneGap Build panel, the PhoneGap service does not start immediately as the access token authentication takes a little while to complete.
    • The PhoneGap panel does not get automatically refreshed after a PhoneGap project is successfully built and shows that the build is still in the queue.

    Business Catalyst

    When you try to set up a Business Catalyst site, the Password field appears empty even if the authentication has been successfully done using single sign-on based on your Adobe ID.


    • On Windows, the Welcome screen does not load if Dreamweaver is installed in a custom location with the character '#' in the installation folder name.
    • On Mac, you cannot access related files on sites that are defined based on shared network folders.
      Workaround: Ensure that all the files are on you local machine and the site is defined based on the folder on the local machine.
    • If you remove the settings on the cloud using the page while keeping Dreamweaver open and then try to synchronize the settings, Cloud Sync fails.
      : Relaunch Dreamweaver and try synchronizing again.
    • The Creative Cloud Add-Ons page takes a little while to load (approximately 8 seconds) when you click Window > Browse Add-Ons.


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