Viewing details about your reseller organization

Use the Reseller Admin Console to view details of your organization.

How to view your organization's details

Accepting the invitation to join the Adobe Value Incentive Plan as a reseller gives you access to the Reseller Console. To view the relevant details for your organization, sign in to the Reseller Console dashboard and click the Organization Details icon. The next window displays the following details: 

  • Primary Contact
  • Organization Details

If your organization's details need to be updated at any point, please contact Adobe Reseller Support.

Primary Contact

The Primary Contact section provides the following details of the primary contact:



Reseller ID

Displays the unique identification number for your organization.

Primary Contact/Reseller Admin

Displays the name and email of the primary contact or administrator for the reseller account.

Primary Contact Details

Organization Details

The Organization Details section displays the following details of your reseller organization:



Organization Name

The legal name of the reseller organization.


The country where the reseller is located.


The street address along with the city and postal code.

Learn more about accessing Reseller Console

See the following pages to learn all about the Reseller Console.


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