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Adobe® Technical Account Management (TAM) Services for Adobe® Experience Cloud

Optimize performance with comprehensive services for Adobe Experience Cloud


Adobe® Experience Cloud TAM Services provide a comprehensive set of pro-active and diagnostic services, designed to help you look beyond technical challenges and plan for the opportunities that lie ahead.

As you put your digital marketing strategy into action, TAM Services for Adobe® Experience Cloud optimize your digital marketing environment by eliminating technical barriers to success.


Which TAM services offering meets my needs?

There are 4 standard levels of TAM service, FoundationPlusAdvanced and Dedicated. We organized the services into functional areas.  Supportability, Maintenance, Enablement and Transformation services.

The major difference between FoundationPlusAdvanced and Dedicated is the addition of solutions, organizations, or environments which determine the right scope and applicable level for your needs.

  • Foundation is a good fit for customers with just one Experience Cloud solution, deployed in one location, within one organization/BU, with limited scope and complexity..
  • Plus is a better fit for customers with two Experience Cloud solutions, or one solution deployed in two organizations, or with two distinct environments.
  • Advanced is the right fit for customers with three solutions, or one solution deployed in three organizations, or with three distinct environments.
  • Dedicated is intended for large strategic accounts. The services can be invoked as required, and many would be delivered as ongoing/regular activities within the project/account.


The service packages include the following components:

Service Features






Soln: Adobe Experience Cloud solution

ORG: Customer business unit / project

1 soln & 1 ORG

2 solns & 1 ORG, or

1 soln & 2 ORGs

3 solns & 1 ORG, or

1 soln & 3 ORGs

4+ solns & 1 ORG, or

1 soln & 4+ ORGs



Environment Assessment

Product Roadmap Review



Maintenance Checks

Issue Management

Testing Review



Release Preparation & Review

Knowledge Transfer



Upgrade/Migration Planning

Event Readiness



Key benefits for your organization

Reduce Complexity − Get recommendations for efficient and effective solution usage

Mitigate Risks − Plan for new releases, new capabilities and integrations across solutions

Maximize ROI − Leverage our expertise to manage global and custom events to success


For more information:

To learn more about Adobe® TAM Services for your organization, contact your Adobe® Account Executive or Engagement Manager.  You can also download the Adobe_TAM_Services_leaflet.pdf below to share in your organization.


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