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This page keeps a list of known issues from Adobe Experience Manager 6.2 that was released in April 2016. The list is split into known issues that are resolved via Service Pack or Hotfixs and issues that are still open.

Solution Available

Please check the hotfix list for the solutions or contact support to get access to on-request hot fixes.


  • Quickstart: Thread Dump Collection service doesn't clean up the old dump files. Adobe recommends purging /crx-quickstart/threaddumps directory manually. (GRANITE-10623)
  • Oak: An attempt to configure Apache Jackrabbit Oak UserConfiguration OSGI config renders the repository and installation in-operational. (GRANITE-11906)
  • Oak: Auto-triggered revision cleanup doens not free disk space on cold-stand-by instance until it gets restarted (CQ-74949)
  • Security: Can't find an user account by its internal user ID (CQ-82051)
  • Vault: JcrPackageManager.listPackages(WokspaceFilter) method returns 0 packages when a custom filter is used. This was fixed in vault bundle 2.5.12 and newer (GRANITE-8852, GRANITE-11923)
  • Workflow: Regression in the External Workflow step might not timeout (GRANITE-11810)
  • Workflow: The notification indicator in the header of the UIs is only updated every 30min instead of every minute (GRANITE-11949)
  • Workflow: The status of an active workflow task might not be shown in Card View (CQ-82030)


  • Page Authoring: Regression in Responsive Grid Paragraph System doesn't allow positioning of components when the parsys doesn't use the default amount of columns (CQ-81870)
  • Page Authoring: Regression that after leaving the annotation mode, content can't be dragged&dropped onto placeholders. Workaround: Reload the page (CQ-81093)
  • Page Authoring: Scrolling the page might be blocked when using the Apple iPad. Reload the page and wait a few sec before starting to scroll as workaround. (CQ-79513)
  • Page Properties: Regression that the Effective Permissions visualization might not show data (CQ-80106)
  • Search: Regression in the Saved Searches capability that doesn't allow to save an existing saved search under a new name (CQ-80728)
  • MSM: In Page Authoring - when in preview mode - the Roll-out action might not work. Workaround: switch to edit mode (CQ-79144)
  • MSM: Regression in the page properties that after successful roll-out of blueprint, the dialog can't be closed (CQ-81835)
  • MSM: Rollout can't be completed when a page has two or more Campaign Areas assigned (CQ-80782)
  • Content Insight: Regression that the last card might not be shown (CQ-81738)
  • Component Console: Policies stored in /apps are not shown (CQ-79054)
  • Template Editor: Templates might not be full published when activated via the Page that uses the Template. Workaround - use the Template Console instead (CQ-76540)

Integration with Marketing Cloud

  • Adobe Target: Regression that after creating a new experience the default experience can't be selected (CQ-81036)
  • Adobe Target: Setting a content as location within the Target Wizards might cause the component to reload infinitely. Reload the whole page in the browser recommended. (CQ-79564)
  • Adobe Campaign: Links to images in generated e-mail might not point to the correct path (CQ-82805)


  • Blank preview for catalog pages added from repository (CQ-77668)
  • Can't drag and add assets to Lightbox/Collection on Firefox and IE 11 (CQ-75821)
  • Order of newly added search facets is not maintained (CQ-79369)
  • Image preview not getting updated on reverting to older version. (CQ-77368)

Dynamic Media

  • Dynamic Media: Asset Details Page does not load when Dynamic Media is enabled on upgraded instance (CQ-79187)
  • Video: video drop-off report does not display when setting up AEM with context-path (CQ-81815)
  • Video: if video includes a space in the filename, download will not include the video renditions (CQ-79241)
  • Interactive banner: cannot add hotspots if image has non-Latin characters in its filename (CQ-79035)
  • Viewers: the Inline Mixed Media viewer does not function when trying to zoom into an image (CQ-80207)
  • Interactive Media Sites component: Interactive video player is not properly sized (displays black bars) when embedded on AEM Sites (CQ-80825)
  • Scene7 Integration: Moving an asset to a different folder location in the DAM does not move it in Scene7 (CQ-75239)

Known Issues

Please contact support if you need more information about the known issues.

Hybrid Devices

Hybrid Devices are not supported. Various issues can be encountered when using such devices. However, these procedures will solve most of the issues:

If you are using Chrome as browser:
- Type chrome://flags/ in the address bar and press Enter.
- Click on Enable touch events > Disabled.
- Restart the browser (all tabs and windows).

If you are using Firefox as browser:
- Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter.
- Filter the settings to dom.w3c.
- Make sure that the settings are 0 and false.
- Restart Browser.

If you are using Edge as browser:

- Type about:flags in the address bar and press Enter.
- Scroll down to Experimental features then Touch.
- Click on option called "Enable touch events".
- Select Always Off.
- Restart Browser.

Release Install & Update

  • Update to 6.2 from 5.x and 6.0+CRX2 using crx2oak fails if installation path contains a space. Move quickstart folder into path with no space. (CQ-39859)
  • Update to 6.2 from 6.0 might not remove the org.apache.jackrabbit.oak-mk-api bundle. Remove it manually after the update (CQ-81751)
  • The Configuration Console /system/console might throw an error right after the update. Restart the instance (CQ-79754)
  • Update to 6.2 from 5.x and 6.0+CRX2 using crx2oak fails if installation path contains a space. Move quickstart folder into path with no space. (CQ-39859)
  • Update to 6.2 from 6.0 might not remove the org.apache.jackrabbit.oak-mk-api bundle. Remove it manually after the update (CQ-81751)
  • The Configuration Console /system/console might throw an error right after the update. Restart the instance (CQ-79754)


  • Quickstart: Error might be shown when starting the server with the start.bat on Windows (GRANITE-11894)
  • UI: OSGI Console might not render the configuration forms correctly with Microsoft IE 11 and Edge Browser (GRANITE-11738)
  • UI: Items in the Timeline rail can be selected when using an Apple iPad (CQ-80270)
  • Replication: Activating a locked page might fail with error that version could not be created. Unlock the page before activating changes. (CQ-37720)
  • CRXDE Lite: Selecting the root node doesn't update the properties in the lower pannel (GRANITE-8180)


  • Page Authoring: Edit mobile site in 'Adaptive Mobile Editor' is not supported in Touch-optimized UI. Please use the Classic UI (CQ-18198)
  • Search: Regression that the CSV export action is missing while working with a search result (CQ-77915)
  • MSM: Suspending or stopping a background rollout with Sling Background Servlet Execution will end with exception (CQ-17743)
  • MSM: Blueprint page properties in touch-enabled UI show live copy paths in control of blueprint rather than actual live copy pages (CQ-83390, CQ-86427)

Integration with Marketing Cloud

  • Adobe Target: Offers replication agents fails if more than one Cloud Service config is assigned to an Activity (CQ-34835)


  • Product Photoshoot Project: The "Create Shot List" button might not show up in the workflow step. Workaround: Search for ProjectTaskListServlet, disable this component and then enable it. Now you would not see the upload assets button and can see the create shot list button. (CQ-82331)
  • Content Fragments: When activating a Content Fragment that is used in Pages - only the CF is getting invalidated in the Dispacher. Workaround: Also activate the page the CF is used in. (CQ-82179)

Dynamic Media

  • Video: asset with localized name (special characters) can't be used in the Dynamic Media component (CQ-39939)
  • Interactive video: cannot create/edit interactive video if video filename contains non-Latin characters (CQ-79007)
  • Carousel banner: Any changes made to a carousel banner after it has been published will not take effect. Workaround is to publish the individual slides/banners of the carousel separately (CQ-81763)
  • Download: When choosing to email downloaded files, assets will always be downloaded in separate folders even if that option is not selected (CQ-78100) 


FP3 Known Issues

  • When creating a site for enablement, the choices for the Community Enablement Managers group are presented from the publish environment, instead of the author environment (CQ-4207318).  To workaround this, use the security groups console (select Tools, Security, Groupsnot  the Communities Groups console) to manage the members of the group.

FP2 Known Issues

  • Not able to use Firefox browser to edit a site.  Options are to use a different browser or contact your account representative for a more recent build of the feature pack. (CQ-108285)

FP1 Known Issues

  • Private messages are not actually private as an entry is generated for activity streams (CQ-96741).  Workaround : To ensure activities are not created :
    • on publish
    • browse to web console for bundles
    • stop and start AEM Communities Messaging :
      • AEM Communities Messaging - Impl Bundle (
  • When configuring email for email notification :
    • AEM Communities Email Reply Configuration (OSGi config)
      • leave "From" address field blank
    • Day CQ Mail Mail Service (OSGi config)
      • enter return address in the SMTP user field

GA Known Issues

  • Search for keyword yields incorrect results when search with tag filter (CQ-85186)