Too many workflows are triggered by a workflow launcher configuration set on node_modified event


A custom workflow launcher configuration is firing too many times.

The launcher has Event Type="Node modified" and Condition set with a condition like "property==value".

The launcher is triggering the workflow too many times.


AEM 6.x


The workflow launcher is triggered for any modification to the node where there property value matches the condition criteria. 

It doesn't only get fired when the property in the condition itself is modified.


The solution to the problem is to make sure only one event is picked up by the launcher condition.

Here are the possible resolutions

  1. Configure the Exclude List with a comma separated list of properties of the node to ignore modifications for.

    This may or may not be enough to avoid the problem (depending on the property the condition is defined for). 

  2. Add a custom property to the node then have that property get removed by the workflow step.

    Then you can set the condition to listen to the change to that property's value.

  3. Implement a custom JCR event listener instead.

    See for example


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