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Does Scene7 offer any solutions for digital non-visible watermarking (Digimarc)?


Scene7 SPS supports Digimarc digital watermarking, which weaves a unique, imperceptible, and traceable identifier into images. The Digimarc tracking system monitors the Internet and specified URLs, locating digitally watermarked images and delivering reports to brand owners. This tracking system ensures that channel partners are acting in compliance with marketing guidelines for campaigns and new product roll-out. And, it allows legal departments to effectively communicate and enforce image copyrights.

You need your Digimarc user ID and PIN, and it's necessary to know whether you are licensed as a Creator or Distributor. You can set the level for Digimarc durability. If you plan to alter images dynamically (through image adjustments or by displaying images at dramatically different sizes), set the durability to 4 (the strongest setting). This setting ensures that watermarks are recognized. The Digimarc ID is also enabled on the SPS Image Serving service, and any images created and saved from operations like SPS Export are marked with the corresponding Digimarc identification.

Your Digimarc license gives you an ID and PIN.

To set up Digimarc in SPS, do the following:

  1. Log in to SPS. Choose Setup > Application Setup > Publish Setup > Image Server and make the following changes:
    1. Under the CATALOG MANAGEMENT section, look for the DigiMarc User Info settings and set the appropriate values. For example, DigiMarc User Info
      Type: Creator / Distributor, as licensed
      ID: (client provides)
      PIN: (client provides)
      Durability: 4 (Strongest)
      Mode: Chroma
    2. Under the section DEFAULTS FOR CATALOG FIELDS, look for the Default Digimarc Image Info field and set the appropriate entry. For example, Default Digimarc Image Info: 1,1,0,0.
    3. Save the changes and close out of the Setup menu.
  2. Complete an Image Serving Publish by selecting the Publish button and then Start Publish.
  3. Once the publish has completed, request any Scene7 image.
    1. Save it locally to verify with PhotoShop CS5 or above (CS4 doesn't always recognize a valid Digimarc). Go to menu Filter > Digimarc >Read Watermark.
    2. Or download this tool to verify the Digimarc within the browser:  


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